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    , PharmD, MS Journ


    Ron Gasbarro is a practicing pharmacist with a strong background as a medical/pharmaceutical writer specializing in peer-reviewed journal articles as well as many other aspects of medical communication. He has long been interested in patient education. He earned his Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) at the University of Maryland at Baltimore, his MS in Science Journalism at Boston University, and his BS in Pharmacy at SUNY Buffalo. He has written on many topics including those having to do with psychiatry, psychotropics, cardiology/cardiovascular, antibiotics and infectious disease, oncology (solid tumors; targeted therapies) as well as a range of other subjects including epilepsy/seizure disorders, pain management, and HIV/AIDS.As a working pharmacist, he brings a specific awareness to the production of educational webinars that are meant to address the concerns and realities of pharmaceutical work today.