Meet Our Faculty

    , PharmD, MPH, MBA, MS, RPh


    Dr. Anthony Cole grew up in Southwest Detroit, and has lived there most of his life. He earned his Bachelor's degree in pharmacy, with a minor in Criminal Justice, from Wayne State University. He continued taking classes in Criminal Justice with an aspiration to work for the Drug Enforcement Administration. The federal hiring freeze after the events of 9-11 forced him to branch off into other endeavors. He went on to earn his PharmD from Idaho State University, and subsequently enrolled at the University of Michigan to double major in graduate studies earning his MBA and MPH simultaneously. Thirsting for more knowledge, he went on to the University of Florida, where he earned his Master's in Clinical Toxicology. He has had numerous positions in both the hospital and retail pharmacy settings. Currently Dr. Anthony Cole has teamed up with a colleague to start Buckley's Pharmacies in the Metro Detroit area, where he works as the Director of Clinical Services. Coming from a law enforcement family, he continues to work closely with local law enforcement, and still hopes to one day work for the DEA.