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    The Pharmacy Law Continuing Education Library is a comprehensive resource on all subjects related to any aspect of Pharmacy Regulatory Compliance. It is the one-stop-shopping place for the answer to any question on any topic related to pharmacy law.

    Any person who is responsible for compliance with state or federal pharmacy laws will value the resources that are available through the Pharmacy Law Continuing Education Library.

    Continuing education credits are provided for the study of pharmacy law subject matter.

    Unlock the Pharmacy Law Continuing Education Library for only $79, discounted to just $69 for freeCE members! Access to materials will be for 1 year from the date of purchase.

    The materials currently available in the Pharmacy Law Continuing Education Library are:
      • Principles of Self-Regulation in Pharmacy
      • The Ubiquitous “Misbranding” Violation
      • Legal Parameters of the Pharmacy Technician Role
      • Regulatory Standards for Opioid Prescription Screening
      • Marketed Unapproved Drugs
      • Generic Product Approval and Selection
      • Privacy and Confidentiality of Patient Information
      • The Legal Mandate for Patient Education by Pharmacists
      • Prospective Drug Use Review in the Shadow of OBRA-90
      • Compounding Requirements in the Post-NECC Era
      • Institutional Pharmacy Responsibility for Accurate Order Processing
      • Institutional Pharmacy Responsibility for Positive Therapeutic Outcomes
      • Pharmacy Liability for Dispensing Errors
      • Pharmacy Standards for Patient Self-Care
      • Regulatory Issues in Long-Term Care Pharmacy
      • Liability for Drug Product Defect
      • Defamatory Statements in the Pharmacist-Physician Relationship
      • The FDA and Post-Marketing Drug Safety
      • Drug Approval, Withdrawal, & Recall
      • Off-Label Drug Use and Promotion

      • The Pharmacist as Expert Witness
      • Pharmacist Declining to Dispense
      • Pharmacists and Matters of Personal Conscience
      • Drug Costs: The Micro Issues
      • Third Party Plans and Pharmacist Liability
      • Foundations of Forensic Pharmacy
      • Quality Improvement and Risk Management Strategies
      • Legal Issues for the “Pharmacist-in-Charge”

      • Virginia Board of Pharmacy v. Virginia Consumer Citizens Council (State restrictions on pharmacy price advertisements)
      • Whalen v. Roe (Aggregation and dissemination of information about patient use of controlled substances)
      • Sorrell v. IMS (Restrictions on sale of de-identified pharmacy dispensing information)
      • Oregon v. Gonzales (Federal restrictions on medical practice of state-approved death with dignity)
      • Thompson v. Western States (Federal restrictions on pharmacy compounding)
      • Merck Sharp & Dohme v. Albrecht (State v. federal standards for warnings in drug product labeling)

      • McKee v. American Home Products; Supreme Court of Washington; Expert witness qualifications and the duty to warn.
      • Hooks SuperX v. McLaughlin; Supreme Court of Indiana; Pharmacist duty to prevent attempted suicide from too-early refills.
      • Randol Mill Pharmacy v. Miller; Supreme Court of Texas; Compounding lawsuits considered to be health liability clams.
      • Kerns v. Hoppe; Supreme Court of Nevada; Patient assumption of risk for doctor shopping.
      • Ancheff v. Hartford Hospital; Supreme Court of Connecticut; Informed consent to pharmacist-managed gentamicin dosing protocol.
      • Happel v. Wal-Mart Stores; Supreme Court of Illinois; Pharmacist liability for dispensing contraindicated drug.

      • Five per year regularly scheduled (January-February; March-April; May-June-July; August-September-October; November-December)
      • Special Editions issued periodically through the year based on critical governmental or non-governmental reports relevant to pharmacy law.
    Note: The Pharmacy Law Continuing Education Library does not provide specific legal advice. Neither PharmCon nor freeCE are licensed to provide legal advice. The materials contained within the Pharmacy Law Continuing Education Library are offered for educational purposes only. For specific legal advice, you must consult with an attorney. PharmCon and freeCE are not able to provide attorney referrals.
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