• Background. As pharmacy practice responsibilities expand, the exposure of pharmacists and pharmacies to malpractice liability is expanding as well. This is a reality that must be accepted and a challenge that must be met. Pharmacists continue to be responsible for technical accuracy in order processing. Pharmacy responsibilities are heightened with electronic prescription orders that sometimes contain errors. (Electronic prescribing has not reduced errors; it has just changed them). Within the dispensing role, malpractice avoidance requires that pharmacists work with pharmacy technicians to meet a standard of practice that requires an appropriate response to the many alerts coming from pharmacy computers. And they must work together to provide appropriated patient education under circumstances of potential risk to patients. These activities must be done well to avoid malpractice liability.

    In addition to order processing responsibilities, pharmacists are expanding their professional role into immunizations, collaborative practice under protocol, and primary patient care. In clinical practice situations, pharmacist have exposure to liability for failing to meet a standard that is not yet fully defined.
    Program Description. This series certification covers the gamut of subject matter related to pharmacy malpractice liability, with a focus on steps that can be taken to reduce liability exposure by reducing errors and by sharing responsibility for errors with other accountable parties. The need for appropriate documentation is emphasized. Risk reduction tactics are suggested.

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    Minimizing Pharmacy Malpractice Liability