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    About PMSP:
    This 21.5 hour specialty certification, consisting of 13 activities, will be an in-depth exploration of pain management including aspects of all healthcare professions with a keen eye on all pain management treatment options arranged by therapeutic category.
    Members: $168.30, normally $198
    Non-Members: $516.80, normally $608

    About IPS:
    Beginning at the foundational elements of health; diet, stress management, movement/exercise, other positive lifestyle habits, and nutritional medicine, Level I IPS provides you with the foundation and the languaging around complementary medicine to quickly become the obvious expert in your market.

    Members: $46.75, normally $55.00
    Non-Members: $127.50, normally $150.00

    About PRS:
    Pharmacy Regulatory Specialist. 31 hours. For those pharmacists and technicians who are committed to compliance with pharmacy laws and regulations. This is a thorough overview of regulatory compliance strategies that promote public health protection.
    Members $169.15, normally $199.00
    Non-Members $517.65, normally $609.00

    About SCS:
    This 20-hour specialty certification, consisting of 15 actvities, will be an in-depth exploration of the self-care products arranged by therapeutic category. There will also be a smattering of product history, along with the connection to the prescription department.
    Members: $108.80, normally $128.00
    Non-Members: $333.20, normally $393.00

    About PHP:
    Legal pharmaceutical products stocked in pharmacies are sometimes used criminally by healthcare professionals to kill people. The continuing education series certification program focuses on identifying the zone of risk for people who could be harmed by the intentional criminal use of pharmaceuticals, and the development of best practices to protect patients and others from the harm caused by the illegal use of these products.
    Members:$109.65, normally $129.00
    Non-Members: $334.05, normally $393.00

    About MPML:
    This series certification covers the gamut of subject matter related to pharmacy malpractice liability, with a focus on steps that can be taken to reduce liability exposure by reducing errors and by sharing responsibility for errors with other accountable parties. The need for appropriate documentation is emphasized. Risk reduction tactics are suggested.
    Members: $84.15, normally $99
    Non-Members: $257.55, normally $303.00

    About PTBC:
    Pharmacy Technician Boot Camp is intended to serve as a comprehensive overview and review for one of the national certification exams. Pharmacy Technician Boot Camp is a series of eleven home study webcast units, offering a high degree of flexibility in learning. Although each unit is designed to be completed within the course of one week, all units are self-paced, extending up to one year from the date of Boot Camp registration.
    Members: $186.15, normally $219.00
    Non-Members: $481.95, normally $567.00