Meet Our Faculty

    , PharmD Candidate, 2019

    Student Pharmacist, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

    Christine Nkobena is a second year student at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy who wishes to pursue a geriatrics pathway. Christine has attended several pharmacy leadership and professional development activities and forums in order to explore different pharmacy career paths. To discover the path she intends to pursue, she completed a two-day Geriatrics Assessment Interprofessional program training in Cummberland, Maryland. This spiked her interest in geriatrics. Today, a pathway in geriatrics and palliative care at her school of pharmacy seems like a natural fit.

    Christine currently serves as the president-elect of the Student National Pharmaceutical Association (SNPhA); an organization whose primary focus is to serve the underserved of the Baltimore community by organizing and hosting health fairs. Outside of school, she is a board-certified pharmacy technician with 3 years of experience working in community and inpatient hospital pharmacy settings.