Why I Love Being A Pharmacist

why i love being a pharmacist

Why I Love Being a Pharmacist Kevin T. Hope, RPh It almost seems like an odd question to ask in the context of today’s professional unrest.  The news is homed in on pharmacist walk-outs and the unveiling of some rather serious medication safety allegations in some of the nation’s leading pharmacies. Facing decreasing reimbursement, pharmacies […]

Drug Shortages

Drug Shortages In June 2018, 31 United States senators and 104 United States representatives wrote to Scott Gotlieb, MD, who was the Commissioner of Food and Drugs. The representatives and senators approached Gotlieb to create a task force looking into root causes of drug shortages. The task force would also then be asked to create […]

5 Minutes With a Pharmacist Episode 1: Pete Kreckel

5 Minutes With a Pharmacist Episode 1: Pete Kreckel In freeCE’s first episode of 5 Minutes With a Pharmacist, pharmacist Kevin Hope interviews Professor Pete Kreckel, one of two community pharmacists in Pennsylvania. Pete shares his pharmaceutical background and discusses current issues he wants to tackle, including pharmaceutical packaging standardization.