Women’s Health: Pharmacist’s New Role in Contraceptives

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Women’s Health: Pharmacist’s New Role in Contraceptives In many states, the pharmacist’s role regarding birth control has changed in recent years to include the role of prescriber. Some states have started to give permission for pharmacists to start prescribing birth control, and the interest for this in other states is expanding (2). Despite this shown […]

Long-Acting Injectables: What Is The Pharmacist’s Role?

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What is the Pharmacist’s Role In Long-Acting Injectables? In recent years, pharmacies have started to expand their roles and responsibilities to better help serve their communities and help patient outcomes. There are a variety of initiatives and programs that community pharmacies can start to implement that could give their patients more access to the treatments […]

Veterinary Pharmacy

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How pharmacists can benefit from getting a veterinary pharmacy certificate When thinking about the responsibilities of a pharmacist, we normally think of activities like counseling patients on their medications or verifying prescriptions from doctors. One area that normally does not come to mind is helping treat animals, but there could always be a possibility in […]