RSV Epidemiology & Treatment for Pharmacists

Welcome to another MicroCE addition from Professor Pete. After reading this article, make sure to see our Glaucoma, mumps and rubella, and ear infections article.  freeCE is committed to providing world-class continuing education for pharmacists.  Overview of RSV Pete Kreckel, microCE, 0.25 hours   My sister Mary, is a top flight pediatric nurse with over […]

Ear Infections and Pharmacy Treatments

how pharmacists treat ear infections

Please enjoy ungated MicroCE content as part of freeCE‘s commitment to helping pharmacists become better medical providers.  See our Mumps and Rubella article, as well as our Glaucoma pharmacy treatment article for previous MicroCE opportunities.  Overview of Ear Infections Pete Kreckel, microCE, 0.25 hours When my wife Denise worked in State College at a clinic […]

Treatment of Glaucoma in the Pharmacy

As part of freeCE‘s effort to bring free continuing education for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, we are ungating some of our Micro CE content from Pete Kreckel. We hope you enjoy learning from this magnificent instructor.  Overview of Glaucoma Therapies Pete Kreckel, MicroCE, 0.25 hour When I am explaining glaucoma drugs to my student pharmacists […]

Pharmacists Role in Mumps & Rubella Vaccinations


Mumps & Rubella: How Vaccines Virtually Eliminated These Once Deadly Diseases MicroCE, Pete Kreckel, 0.25 hours Mumps and rubella are diseases that have been virtually eliminated by vaccines. All of the vaccines we pharmacists administer provide direct benefit to the patient who receives them.  Rubella vaccine shows direct benefit to the unborn child.  All of […]