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Learn The History of Mouthwash and Fluoride In Drinking Water- Impact On Pharmacy Workers.

history of mouthwash and pharmacy

In the 1930s, scientists examined the relationship between tooth decay in children and naturally occurring fluoride in drinking water. In 1945, the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was the first to add fluoride to its city water system to provide residents with its benefits. Community water fluoridation has been identified as the most cost-effective method […]

Caring For Dentures

how to care for dentures pharmacist ce

Thanks to dental care provided to our generation by our parents and the beginning of the use of fluoride, very few people in my generation wear dentures. Due to lack of competent dental care, many family members in my parent’s generation wore dentures. I remember a lot of my relatives who had dentures only wore […]

Treating Sensitive Teeth & The Use Of Dental Floss

how to treat sensitive teeth and dental floss use

Dr. Rod says: I prefer using fluoride in my practice to desensitize the dentin. I try to stay away from the stannous fluorides because of the metallic taste. Compliance usually becomes an issue and patients just quit using it at some point. Recently I began to prescribe products such as MI paste ® (GC America) and […]

Overview of Canker Sores & Cold Sores

Treating Canker Sores & Cold Sores At Home Remedies, Over The Counter and Prescription Remedies

Overview of Canker and Cold Sores, Including Treatments Pete Kreckel, microCE Canker sores (Aphthous ulcers) Everyone knows that canker sores are caused by a virus…except they are not!!  The herpes virus is well defined by HSV-1 and HSV-2, but there is no virus implicated in canker sores.   I often wonder why we do not have […]

Pharmacy Product Spotlight:  Humidifiers

Humidifiers Treating Cough, Pharmacist Perspective

Pharmacy Product Spotlight:  Humidifiers MicroCE, 0.25 hours, Pete Kreckel  Dr. Jeffrey Rosch, an esteemed allergist who practices in Altoona PA, was doing a presentation on allergies.  He is the doctor who said he never gives out cough syrup, because it is his job to find out the origins of the cough. Also, at that presentation […]

Nasal Corticosteroids and Antihistamines Overview

Nasal Corticosteroids and Antihistamines Overview

Neti pots were the rage a few years back.  We could not keep them on the shelves!  I can’t imagine using something that gives me the sensation of waterboarding. Like every other pharmacy, we dispense boatloads of fluticasone from the prescription department.  I make sure my patients know exactly how to use this product.  I […]

Overview of Cough Management

Overview of Cough Management how pharmacists manage coughs for patients

How well I remember back in the 1980’s buying Robitussin AC®, Robitussin DAC®, Phenergan with codeine® and Phenergan VC with codeine® in GALLON jugs!  Dispensing 8 oz of these codeine containing cough suppressants was typical during flu season.  Pediatricians would even prescribe Tussionex ® to stop the nighttime coughing!  How the landscape has changed!  I […]

4P: Overview of Dextromethorphan

CE for pharmacists, overview of dextromethorphan

Course Opening Up June 16, 2023. Click Here to view the course.  Learning Objective: Recognize the potential dangers and interactions of the common over the counter drug dextromethorphan. I have seen three cases of serotonin syndrome.  Pharmacists need to be cognizant of the potential interaction between “good old Dextromethorphan” and antidepressants that can lead to […]

Overview of Hepatitis B and
Hepatitis C Treatment

Hepatitis-B rates have declined by 82% since 1990. For the unfortunate 18%, however, we can discuss drug therapy for treatment of Hepatitis-B. Of the chronically infected people, 15% to 25% of these patients develop chronic liver disease. This includes things like cirrhosis, liver failure, or liver cancer. freeCE offers MicroCE opportunities via our blog. We […]


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