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Due for a Reschedule? What Marijuana (Potentially) Being Rescheduled to Schedule III Could Mean for Pharmacy

A small shopping cart filled with cannabis CBD oil bottles and cannabis leaves, alongside a spilled bottle of gel capsules on a countertop.

In pharmacy, drug classifications are vital for regulating medication dispensing and ensuring patient safety. You may have recently heard about the discussions from the DEA and Senate to reschedule marijuana or cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III under the Controlled Substance Act (CSA). This change may pose significant changes to pharmacy operations. How will this impact pharmacies, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians?

National Poison Prevention Week: The Pharmacy Professional’s Role in Poison Prevention

Syrup pouring from a bottle isolated over a white background

National Poison Prevention Week, which started over 60 years ago, serves as an opportunity to underscore the importance of poison prevention efforts nationwide. Observed during the third full week of March, it is aimed at raising awareness about the risks associated with poisoning, ranging from accidental ingestions of household products to intentional exposures to harmful substances.

Diabetes Education and Awareness For American Diabetes Alert Day, March 28, 2023

american diabtes alert day

Diabetes education and awareness for American Diabetes Alert Day, March 28, 2023.   THE PHARMACY PROFESSIONAL’S ROLE IN DIABETES MANAGEMENT The American Diabetes Alert Day brings on a moment of reflection of the role that healthcare professionals have in the treatment of diabetes. Pharmacists were always involved in dispensing diabetes-related medications and educating patients and […]


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