National Poison Prevention Week: The Pharmacy Professional’s Role in Poison Prevention

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National Poison Prevention Week, which started over 60 years ago, serves as an opportunity to underscore the importance of poison prevention efforts nationwide. Observed during the third full week of March, it is aimed at raising awareness about the risks associated with poisoning, ranging from accidental ingestions of household products to intentional exposures to harmful substances.

Medication Safety Checklist for Pharmacists: Know Your Role

Pharmacist holding a medication box while reviewing a patient safety checklist form

Explore the critical role of pharmacists in medication safety with our comprehensive guide. Learn about the importance of accuracy in dispensing, adherence to safety protocols, and the impact of medication errors on patient care and trust in healthcare systems. Our article provides valuable insights into the responsibilities of pharmacists and practical steps to ensure the safe use of medications, emphasizing the five rights, FIP policies, and the APhA’s safety checklist. Perfect for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance patient safety and care standards.

Overview of Tick-Borne Diseases

history of tick borne diseases

Lyme disease is a topic that significantly captures the attention of our patients. To enhance awareness, our pharmacy provides informative flyers, and the one focused on Lyme disease is particularly popular among our clientele. A personal commitment of mine involves inquiring about the diagnosis whenever I come across a doxycycline prescription. If the patient mentions […]

Introducing: Pharmacy Technician Bootcamp – Building the Backbone of Pharmacy Excellence

Pharmacy Technician Boot Camp Become A Pharmacy Technician Online

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, pharmacy technicians play a pivotal role in ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of medications to patients. Their work is the linchpin in the pharmacy’s operations, making them an integral part of the healthcare ecosystem. However, to become proficient in this demanding profession, aspiring pharmacy technicians require the right […]

Overview of Lyme Disease, What Pharmacy Workers Need To Know

Lyme disease and pharmacology treatment of the disease

This time of the year on most days in the pharmacy, we get doxycycline prescriptions for Lyme disease. I always ask the patient what their diagnosis is, and if they mention Lyme disease or ticks, I steer them to our Permethrin spray.  Most patients are terrified of Lyme disease and are happy to purchase a product […]

What Pharmacy Professionals Need To Know About USP795 & USP797

Ultimate Guide To USP795 USP797 Pharmacy Compliance

In an era where the pharmaceutical supply chain is vast and complex, ensuring the safety and integrity of prescription medicines has become a top priority. The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), enacted in November 2013, lays the groundwork for a comprehensive system to track prescription drugs as they journey through the supply chain. Table […]

Treating Bruxism and Xerostomia In The Pharmacy

how to treat dry mouth and jaw pain in the pharmacy bruxism and zerostomia

We frequently see complaints of dry mouth in the pharmacy.  Most complaints can be handled with over-the-counter products.  Sugar-free lemon candies can be of great benefit, but if a patient is very ill, lemon and glycerin swabs can provide comfort. I have seen about 6 patients with severe dry mouths that required pilocarpine or cevimeline.  […]

Virginia Pharmacists: Complete your CE Requirements with freeCE

virginia pharmacist license renewal free ce for pharmacists

As Virginia’s Pharmacist License Renewal Deadline of December 31 approaches, look to free CE for your continuing education needs. As December 31 draws near, Virginia pharmacists are gearing up for their license renewal deadline. Continuing Education (CE) is an essential aspect of the healthcare profession, ensuring that pharmacists stay updated with the latest advancements, best […]

American Pharmacists Month, What You Need To Know

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When Is American Pharmacists Month? American Pharmacists Month is celebrated throughout the month of October. It was started to recognize the outstanding contributions of pharmacists. Pharmacists are often unsung heroes, providing vital services like medication management, health education, and much more. This dedicated month gives us the chance to appreciate their essential work and dedication. […]