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Why You Should Consider Providing an Education Package for Your Staff

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In today’s fast-paced pharmacy environment, keeping your team current with the latest industry standards and training is crucial. Investing in an education package for your staff is one of the most effective ways to ensure your team is equipped with the knowledge and skills they need. At freeCE, we offer group memberships that provide comprehensive continuing education for your team.

Whether you’re a small independent pharmacy or a large corporation, we provide flexible and cost-effective packages to help you easily manage your team’s training and CE requirements. With access to a robust catalog of on-demand and live training, our group memberships are designed to cater to a variety of learning styles and preferences.

The Importance of Pharmacy Staff Development

It is important for a pharmacy organization to provide training for their team because it ensures compliance with regulations in a highly regulated industry. Training keeps staff informed about the laws, regulations, and standards that govern pharmacy practice, helping them stay compliant and avoid potential legal issues. Additionally, training enhances the quality of patient care by equipping pharmacy staff with knowledge about medication safety, dosage, and potential interactions which improves patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Continuous training also supports professional development, allowing team members to stay current with advancements in pharmacy practice, medication therapies, and healthcare technologies. This ongoing education keeps the team competitive and motivated, reducing the risk of medication errors and fostering a culture of safety and excellence.

Top 3 Questions We Get about Group Membership

Let’s take a moment to address the most common questions we hear from business decision makers:

How much does it cost to get a freeCE group package?

Our programs come at a discounted rate when you purchase for a team. This ensures you receive the best value for your investment while enabling your team to stay current with their CE requirements. We can customize a package based on your unique needs, so you won’t have to pay for anything your team won’t benefit from.

Does this meet my state requirements?

Our programs can help your team meet state and national CE requirements for licensure. We offer ACPE-accredited and PTCB-approved courses to ensure your team receives the highest quality education that meets the required standards.

What does the live CE look like—is it really live?

Absolutely! freeCE is a leading provider of live CE, with over 45 courses per month. We stream live webinars so our learners can tune in from anywhere. These sessions are interactive, allowing participants to engage directly with expert faculty and ask questions in real-time. We also offer a robust catalog of on-demand courses that your team can access on their own time.

Why You Should Consider Buying a freeCE Group Membership Package for Your Team

Providing an education package for your staff through freeCE is a smart investment that will yield significant benefits for your team and organization. Here’s how:

Uniformity of Training from One Source. Providing education from a single, trusted source ensures uniformity in training and knowledge across your team. This consistency reduces potential errors and ensures that all staff members are up-to-date with the same high standards of practice. When everyone is on the same page, it fosters a cohesive and collaborative working environment, leading to better patient care and improved pharmacy operations.

  • Trusted Provider of On-Demand and Live CE. As a leading provider of continuing education, freeCE offers both on-demand and live courses, giving your team flexibility in how and when they learn. This adaptability allows staff to balance their professional development with their work schedules, making it easier to integrate ongoing learning into their daily routines. Flexible learning opportunities can also help improve staff engagement and retention.
  • ACPE-Accredited and PTCB-Recognized. Our courses are recognized by major accrediting bodies, offering you and your team peace of mind in the quality of the education received. Knowing that the training is ACPE-accredited and PTCB-recognized provides assurance that the courses meet the highest standards and fulfill the requirements necessary for maintaining licensure and certification.
  • Reduces Medication Errors. More than one in every hundred prescriptions may be filled incorrectly and medication errors lead to up to 9,000 unnecessary deaths each year, at great cost to the medical system. However, studies indicate that CE programs can reduce the incidence of medication errors and save pharmacies money. CE equips professionals to navigate complex drug regimens and identify potential errors before harm occurs, ultimately safeguarding patient well-being and promoting a culture of safety.
  • Saves You Time and Money. Group memberships offer significant cost savings compared to individual memberships and save you time by streamlining the training process. By managing the training needs of your entire team in one place, you can optimize your resources and avoid the administrative burden of coordinating multiple individual memberships.
  • Robust Catalog of On-Demand and Live Training. freeCE provides a wide range of topics to choose from, allowing your team to expand their knowledge and skillset across various disciplines. This broad catalog ensures that your team has access to diverse learning opportunities that cater to different interests and career paths, fostering a well-rounded and versatile team.
  • Serving Over 500,000 Learners Across the Country. freeCE’s experience and track record speak for themselves. Having successfully served over half a million learners across the country, we have helped many professionals achieve their development goals. This extensive reach demonstrates the reliability and quality of our programs.
  • Expert Faculty. Our courses are led by industry experts who bring years of experience and knowledge to each session. Learning from seasoned professionals provides your team with valuable insights and practical knowledge that they can apply in their day-to-day work. This expert-led approach enhances the overall learning experience and equips your team with the skills they need to excel in their roles.

Do You Run a Pharmacy?

Managing a pharmacy organization can be challenging without the burden of handling your team’s training. When you choose freeCE as your training partner, you can have peace of mind knowing that all your training needs are well taken care of.

No more sifting through endless provider lists or worrying about your team finding their own training. With a freeCE group membership, you can access all of freeCE’s offerings at a reduced cost. Enjoy numerous live CE and on-demand courses to meet licensing requirements, specialty certificates for skill development, and newsletters to keep you updated.

Contact us today to discuss your organization’s needs and create a customized group membership plan that suits you.

All your educational needs in one reliable source. Let’s simplify your training.

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