The Ugly Realities of Men’s Preventative Health

mens health no shave november 2022 "MoVember"

As the saying goes, “boys will be boys”. Whether it is testosterone, social expectations, or the “secret man code” that steers the traditional behavior of men around the world is a subject that has been debatable for decades. Nonetheless, the data is absolute: the drunk driver behind the wheel of a car is overwhelmingly likely […]

Veteran’s Day Interview: What It’s Like to Work in a Military Pharmacy

freeCE salutes military veterans. Thank you for your service.

In honor of Veteran’s Day in 2020, we interviewed Jonathan Lehan, a former military pharmacist and community pharmacist based in Illinois, for our 5 Minutes with a Pharmacist series. Hear about Jonathan’s varied professional experience, from practicing pharmacy on an Air Force base to overseeing his family business, a community pharmacy that dates back to […]

What You Need To Know About OTC Hearing Aids 2022

FDA approves Over the counter hearing aids

The FDA recently approved over-the-counter hearing aids. You may be wondering what this means for you in your pharmacy. Kevin Hope, RPh, our Senior Director of Pharmacy Education, explains what you and your patients need to know about OTC hearing aids.  Over The Counter Hearing Aids: Ask the Pharmacist! An elderly gentleman in the pharmacy […]