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Florida Board of Pharmacy Approves freeCE’s Immunization Training Program

Florida approved freeCE Immunization Training for Technicians

We have great news: the Florida Board of Pharmacy has approved freeCE’s Pharmacy Technician Enhanced Training: Immunization program to train pharmacy technicians in the state of Florida to administer vaccines. This approval comes in the wake of Florida’s decision this summer to authorize technicians to immunize.

Florida board of pharmacy immunization training


Many Florida pharmacy technicians have already been successfully administering vaccines since 2020, but their authority to do so was temporary. In October of 2020, the Department of Health and Human Services temporarily expanded its guidance under the PREP Act to allow technicians to immunize patients with approved training. Due to its success with COVID vaccines, many states, including Florida, have made these provisions permanent.

However, Florida has certain requirements for programs to qualify to meet this need. freeCE’s program has been determined to meet Florida’s specifications.

What makes Florida’s immunization requirements different?

Under the HHS requirements, an immunization training program for technicians must be approved by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) and include a hands-on demonstration of technique. Florida’s requirements have expanded on that.

In the state of Florida, in order to become certified to administer immunization, a pharmacy technician is required to:

  • Be registered in the state of Florida
  • Be directly supervised by a pharmacist who is also certified to administer vaccines
  • Have completed a Florida-approved immunization certification program of 6 or more hours

These Florida-approved programs are uniquely qualified to train you in this topic. With in-depth education on immunization techniques, administration routes, adverse reactions, and more, these programs are designed to ensure you are truly prepared to handle the day-to-day challenges of administering vaccines.

What makes freeCE’s training special?

What makes our training truly stand out is that it is fully on-demand. Learners in our program can meet the requirement for a demonstration of technique with a unique video upload process. When a pharmacy technician is ready to complete their program, they will identify a qualified pharmacist to supervise their technique and record a video of their demonstration. Then, pharmacy technicians can upload this video for freeCE’s qualified faculty to review. 

freeCE’s Pharmacy Technician Enhanced Training: Immunization program is a PTCB-recognized program with 6 base modules and a rotating list of bonus modules to address new topics in immunization. Our program is designed to give you the foundational skills you need, from the proper techniques for drawing up and administering vaccines to identifying adverse reactions. Our bonus material covers COVID vaccine specifics and intranasal vaccines, so pharmacy technicians can be better prepared for the current landscape of immunization.

This program is ideal for Florida pharmacy technicians. With 6 to 8.25 hours of education, it meets all of Florida’s requirements and more. These activities count towards your continuing education credits and our first module is available in a live format as well. 

At the time of this article, freeCE is one of only three approved online training providers. Many other immunization programs require you to either demonstrate in person or find time in your busy schedule to join a scheduled video call. freeCE’s pharmacy technician immunization training is truly the best option for a technician who does not have the time or resources to travel or meet another program’s more rigid schedule. 

freeCE has been training pharmacy technicians in Florida to immunize for over a year

freeCE’s Pharmacy Technician Enhanced Training: Immunization program has trained over 700 pharmacy technicians nationwide to administer immunizations since it was first launched in March of 2021, 150 of which reside in Florida.

Here are some of the comments we’ve received since launching this program:

“Since taking the Pharmacy Technician Enhanced Immunization Training program, I’ve helped vaccinate over 1500 people. This class is spot on!” -Cheryl W.

“With COVID vaccines becoming available throughout the world, I wanted to make a change and do my part in eliminating this terrible pandemic that has put the world on pause and cost so many people’s lives. The best thing with freeCE is that I’m able to complete my CE credits pretty much whenever I have the chance to do study. It’s set up for you to learn at your own pace, whenever you have the available time to do so.” -Brandon C.

Register for the Pharmacy Technician Enhanced Training: Immunization program and begin your journey to becoming a certified immunizing technician! 

freeCE is the BEST option for pharmacy technicians in Florida looking for any education

Pharmacy technicians in Florida have unique requirements and freeCE has activities that were specifically created to meet those needs. Whether you are looking for live CE or Florida-approved activities that cover medication errors or HIV/AIDS, freeCE has multiple options.

With a freeCE Gold membership, you will get unlimited access to our entire catalog of live and on-demand CE, including a growing library of activities accredited solely for technicians. Forget about the days of sitting through courses designed for pharmacists–our content is made with you in mind! For Florida pharmacy technicians looking for immunization training, this is an even better option. Our Gold membership costs $77, but Gold members get a discount of $100 off our immunization training!

Are you looking to take the next step in your career? Pharmacy Technician Enhanced Training: Immunization is just one of many PTCB-recognized training opportunities for pharmacy technicians. View our other certificates here. With our Platinum membership, you will gain unlimited access to all of these specialized training opportunities!


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