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5 Historically Significant People & Their Impacts on The Modern Pharmacy 

5 historically significant people and their impact on the modern pharmacy

The field of pharmacy has had a significant impact on the world, from the discovery of life-saving drugs to the establishment of global pharmacy chains. However, pharmacy isn’t limited to these areas. Here are five notable individuals, all with experience in the pharmacy and medical fields, who have made a lasting impact on the world in unique ways. 

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These People Made a Huge Impact on Modern Pharmacy

1. Friedrich Serturner

Contribution: Discovered Morphine

As a pharmacist’s assistant, Friedrich Serturner separated morphine from opium, making it widely available for use as a painkiller. Morphine is now used to treat severe pain, and its discovery has revolutionized pain management.


2. Hubert Humphrey

Contribution: USA Vice President (1965 – 1968)

Although he was a pharmacist by trade, Hubert Humphrey’s political career was remarkable. As Vice President under Lyndon B Johnson, he played a critical role in shaping America’s social policy. Humphrey also ran for the presidency in 1968, losing by less than 1% of the popular vote to Robert Nixon.


3. Jesse Boot

Contribution: Founder of Boots Pharmacy

Jesse Boot transformed his father’s small pharmacy into a global company that is still thriving today. He pioneered the “health for a shilling” philosophy, making healthcare products affordable to the masses. Boots Pharmacy continues to be synonymous with quality products at competitive prices.


4. Alexander Flemming

Contribution: Discovery of penicillin

Although Alexander Flemming had already established himself as a distinguished medical and chemical researcher, his discovery of penicillin revolutionized medicine. Penicillin is widely used to treat a variety of ailments and is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the world.


5. John Pemberton

Contribution: Created Coca-Cola

As a trained pharmacist, John Pemberton created Coca-Cola as a non-alcoholic alternative to his addiction to morphine. Although the initial recipe contained alcohol, it was later modified and marketed as a refreshing drink that is now one of the most popular soft drinks in the world.


 BONUS! We had 5 but we couldn’t leave Dr. Edward Jenner off the list. 

 6. Dr Edward Jenner

Contribution: His work is often cited as foundational to the tenets of immunology. It contributed toward modern vaccines, mainly the smallpox vaccine. 

These six individuals are just a few examples of how a degree in pharmacy can lead to significant contributions in various fields. Whether it’s discovering life-saving drugs, transforming the healthcare industry, or making an impact in politics, a pharmacy degree can open doors to a wide range of possibilities.

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