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Immediate Release April 2023

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For Immediate Release: Requirement for 30 additional hours of LIVE continuing education credits in wake of COVID-19 Recovery.


The International Board of Pharmacy & Alchemy (IBPA) announced a sweeping requirement for 30 additional hours of LIVE continuing education credits to be effective immediately for all healthcare providers practicing under its jurisdiction. The implications for global healthcare workers is broad, from the mission worker in Tanzania to the pharmacist in Pasadena.

Henrietta Foster, the 2023 chair IBPA chairperson says, “We have noted a downward trend in general healthcare provider knowledge since the COVID-19 pandemic began. We were all so focused on COVID-19 that we missed other things. As the pandemic winds down, we feel that it is important for everyone to revisit the past 3 years, hence the requirement of 30 additional live continuing education hours on any topic except for COVID-19.”

The requirement did not come without controversy, especially among rural practitioners. “We realize the limitation for rural providers,” says Foster, “but IBPA is happy to assist healthcare providers in finding the nearest physical location providing continuing education, including an IBPA-sponsored weekend seminar at the Hyatt in Cairo, conveniently situated southwest of the Giza pyramid.”  

“My license renews on Thursday,” says South Carolina-based pharmacist Kevin Hope. “I just attended a weekend seminar dedicated to ophthalmic care of the naked mole rat. I don’t routinely provide services to mole rats, but it fit the bill to meet Thursday’s deadline and has given me a renewed appreciation of all that goes into the ophthalmic care of that species. Hope was not alone at the seminar, joined by a cardiologist from Florida and a hairdresser from Tennessee, whose licenses oddly fall under IBPA jurisdiction.

To be clear, in case you haven’t figured it out by now: None of this is real. There is no International Board of Pharmacy and Alchemy. There is no extra requirement to panic over. Henrietta Foster is completely fabricated, as is the CE activity at the foot of the Giza pyramid. The only true part to any of this, perhaps, is the importance of appropriate ophthalmic care in the mole rat population. But, of course, whatever gets tossed your way, know that freeCE has you covered!

To our healthcare providers from Tanzania to Pasadena: Happy April Fool’s Day!



Though this additional live CE requirement was an April Fool’s joke, live CE on topics relevant to daily practice does not have to be difficult to obtain!  

freeCE makes meeting your live CE requirements easy with frequent airings, interesting topics, and world-class faculty. Sign up for a free trial to get a taste of what freeCE has to offer.



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