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Understanding Live CE & On Demand CE for Pharmacists

Understanding the differences between on-demand CE and live CE for pharmacists

CE for pharmacists falls into two categories, live and on-demand activities. Both kinds of CE are equally beneficial for staying up-to-date. What kind of CE is best for you depends on your state’s requirements, learning style, and preferences.

On-demand activities, or home study activities, are activities that can be accessed at whatever time you choose and taken at your own pace. These CEs might be in the form of videos, podcasts, monographs, or other formats. Their defining feature is their flexibility and convenience—online home study activities can be accessed from a mobile device, whenever and wherever you choose. In order to obtain credit for home study activities, pharmacists must pass an evaluation after the activity to test their knowledge.

Live CEs are activities that you must attend at a specified time. These activities are scheduled with a faculty member present. In order to be accepted as live CE, these courses must be followed by a live Q&A session with the presenter. These activities can be in-person or online, as long as attendees have access to the faculty member after the seminar or webinar. Conveniently, live CE does not require post-evaluations. However, for our online CE, freeCE requires a set number of presence checks to ensure you are actively participating in the course.

Is on-demand CE the same as live CE?

On-demand CE and live CE have many similarities. You can learn many of the same things and in fact, some webcasts and webinars will present information in a very similar manner. However, they are not the same. Live CE includes access to the faculty after the activity in the form of a live Q&A. If you have follow up questions, it may be difficult to find answers after on-demand CE. However, if you prefer learning through reading, home study activities may be best.

Another major difference is that some states require live CE in order to renew your license. These states include Florida, Michigan, New York, and others. If your state has this requirement, you can complete it online with live webinars, but on-demand activities will not fulfill this requirement. 

What is live CE for pharmacists?

Live CEs for pharmacists are live, scheduled activities, often webinars or seminars, where you attend a presentation and a faculty Q&A. These activities don’t require evaluations after the fact to earn credit—you simply earn CEUs through attendance. Live CE can come in the form of a set presentation, a panel discussion, or a live educational update. The main requirement is the opportunity to interact with the faculty who teach the CE. 

Because attending a conference or medical meeting may be time-consuming or inaccessible, online live CE is a convenient way to earn this kind of credit. Simply log in from a mobile device or computer to attend.

What is on-demand CE for pharmacists?

There are many on-demand options for pharmacists, from accredited podcasts to video webcasts to monographs. These activities may cover many topics and are available in a variety of lengths and formats. These activities are meant to be accessed and consumed at your own pace. In order to earn credit, you must pass an evaluation to show what you have learned.

Do onLINE webinars count as live CE?

Online webinars are an accepted way to earn live CEUs. While there are some benefits to in-person live seminars, such as interaction with other attendees, online webinars have many of the same benefits while being vastly more convenient. In fact, if a live schedule has multiple airings throughout the day and week, it can be almost as convenient as on-demand CE. For example, freeCE’s live calendar includes morning and evening airings, as well as airings on most weekends. 

ACPE-compliant CE

Pharmacists are required to earn ACPE-accredited contact hours in most localities in order to renew their licenses. This means that the continuing education provider and activity must be recognized by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). This accreditation sets the standard for CE for pharmacists, ensuring quality, consistency, and accuracy.

All freeCE courses are accredited by the ACPE. This means that when you earn CE with freeCE, you’re getting training that will satisfy your state CE requirements and is respected in the pharmaceutical industry.

Continuing education platform for pharmacists, why choose

As a pharmacist, your CE needs are diverse—you deserve CE to match. Whether you are looking for live CE, courses covering specific topics, or short activities designed to fit easily into a busy schedule, freeCE is a one-stop-shop for all your continuing education needs. We have hundreds of hours of on-demand CE and the most comprehensive online live CE schedule in the industry, with 2-4 webinars airing daily. With a freeCE Gold Membership you’ll get unlimited access to freeCE’s entire live and on-demand catalog. 

Your job as a pharmacist is complicated enough. Simplify your CE with freeCE!


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