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Live CE vs On-demand CE For Pharmacy Technicians


Understanding the differences between on-demand CE and live CE for pharmacy technicians

Continuing education (CE) for pharmacy technicians can be taken in either a live or on-demand format.

Before the internet, people had to get in their vehicles, fight traffic, and go to a physical location when they wanted to earn live CEs. Now, when we refer to “live CE” we are referring to web-based content that has a real instructor in attendance whom the students can engage with and learn from in real-time. This format can be beneficial for those who want the opportunity to ask questions and receive immediate feedback.

On-demand CE, also known as self-paced CE, refers to courses that can be taken at any time and at the convenience of the learner. These courses are typically pre-recorded and can be accessed online at any time. This format can be beneficial for those who have a busy schedule and prefer to learn at their own pace.

Both formats have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of which format to use will depend on the individual’s learning style, preferences, and goals.


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Is on-demand CE the same as live CE?

On-demand CE is not the same as live CE. On demand CE for pharmacy technicians is just that: on demand. This means you can watch and learn at your own pace. On the other hand, live continuing education is just like live TV in that you have to be there or you will miss it. Sometimes, live CE is recorded and uploaded at a later date as on-demand CE. Both types of learning have value, and each person may have their own preference. 


What is live CE for pharmacy technicians?

Live continuing education (CE) for pharmacy technicians refers to educational opportunities that are delivered in real-time and typically involve an instructor leading a class or presentation. These CE programs may be offered in-person or online and cover important topics related to pharmacy practice and patient outcomes, such as medication errors, patient safety, and regulatory requirements. The purpose of live CE is to help pharmacy technicians maintain their knowledge and skills and meet continuing education requirements for certification or licensure.


What is on-demand CE for pharmacy technicians?

On-demand continuing education (CE) for pharmacy technicians refers to learning opportunities that are available at any time and can be accessed and completed on the learner’s own schedule. These CE programs are offered online and may cover a variety of topics related to pharmacy practice.

On-demand CE programs may include webinars, online courses, or self-study modules that can be completed at the learner’s own pace. The purpose of on-demand CE is to help pharmacy technicians maintain their knowledge and skills and meet continuing education requirements for certification or licensure. It’s a flexible way of learning which can be done at any time.


Do on-demand webinars count as live CE?

On-demand CE is not the same as live CE. If your State Board of Pharmacy or certifying organization requires you to complete live CE, you must find a live activity to satisfy this requirement. However, online live CE does count as live CE. Online live CE fulfills all the requirements of live activities, including interactive Q&A sessions with the instructor in attendance, all while being fully digital. Another benefit of live digital CE is that students avoid wasting time and money traveling to a brick and mortar location in order to earn CE.

The online live CE format offers much of the same flexibility that on-demand webinars do. Further, if a continuing education provider offers a robust live webinar schedule, as freeCE does, you may find that you can easily get live CE that works with your schedule.


Live CE with freeCE

It can be difficult to find in-person live CE designed to meet your specific needs as a pharmacy technician. For this reason, live webinars are an excellent option. Webinars come in different lengths and formats and cover a variety of topics, from general drug therapy activities to specific topics such as medication errors and HIV/AIDS. 

While many technicians enjoy the convenience of on-demand education, some prefer the interactive nature of live CE. If you find yourself wishing you could ask your instructor to explain a concept after their presentation or wishing you did not have to complete a post-test after each activity, you may find online live CE is right for you.

Are you looking for online live CE? Look no further. freeCE has the most comprehensive webinar schedule around, including a growing selection of activities designed specifically for pharmacy technicians. Explore freeCE’s packages here.


On-demand CE with freeCE

Pharmacy technicians often have busy schedules and need a way to earn CE credit whenever and wherever. If you need CE fast, freeCE’s comprehensive catalog of on-demand continuing education may be perfect for you. When you buy a freeCE unlimited CE package, you get 24-7 access to hundreds of hours of on-demand CE, with plenty of options designed specifically to meet pharmacy technicians’ needs.

freeCE’s on-demand continuing education activities come in a variety of formats, including:

  • Webcasts: These video activities are perfect for technicians who enjoy both auditory and visual activities. These activities have many of the benefits of live CE but are available 24-7.
  • Monographs: These written activities are a great way to earn credit at whatever pace fits your needs. If you learn best by reading, freeCE’s monograph library has many activities for you.
  • Express CE: These bite-sized activities are designed so you can earn 0.25 hours of CE in 15 minutes. Perfect for fitting into a busy schedule, these activities let you earn credit between your daily tasks.

Regardless of your learning needs and preferences, we have something for you at freeCE. Explore our options to see how we make earning continuing pharmacy education simple.



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