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What’s Happening Around freeCE: New Live Webinars Launching In April

New Live CE for pharmacy technicians and pharmacists april 2023

freeCE has a full schedule of live CE planned for the month of April, including the three new courses featured below. Choose your favorites and join us to grow your expertise and work toward your continuing education requirements!

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Table of Contents

A few of the freeCE Webinars Premiering in April


What’s New in the Prevention and Management of Hypoglycemia

Taught by: Samuel Grossman, PharmD, PhD, CDCES, FACDCES | Premiering: 4/12/23 8:00 PM ET

For patients with diabetes, episodes of hypoglycemia can be a frightening and frustrating piece of managing adequate glucose control. As many as 25% of patients with diabetes have reported having frequent episodes of hypoglycemia. Many factors are involved in minimizing the number of hypoglycemic episodes, including diet and proper management of medications.

In this session, the leading causes of hypoglycemia are examined and analyzed from a patient management perspective. This session seeks to provide the healthcare provider with tools necessary to properly coach patients who experience this preventable phenomenon.

Webinar participants will learn how to:

  • Recognize the underserved populations at risk for hypoglycemia
  • Identify hypoglycemic-related symptoms and classification
  • Recognize current methods to prevent and treat hypoglycemia
  • Cite innovative ways reduce risk for low blood glucose levels


Pharmacology for Pharmacy Technicians: Neurology

Taught by: Ann Klemz, PharmD, BCPS | Premiering: 4/13/23 2:00 PM ET

As the science of brain function, neurology is unique in its scope. The brain controls most functions of the body. As such, when this system goes awry, a whole slew of bodily autonomy can be impacted. The brain controls voluntary movement and involuntary functions.

This session will provide context for medications surrounding neurological function, explore voluntary and involuntary mechanisms, how and why they are different, and how medications impact both.

With particular focus on stroke, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s diseases, we will discuss what goes wrong in the brain, what function we can restore with medications, those we cannot, and various nuances for medications involved.

This webinar is designed for pharmacy technicians to learn how to:

  • Identify key medications and their role in neurological function
  • Specify symptoms and treatments of the following disease states: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, and seizures
  • Determine mechanisms of action and side effects of neurological treatments


Navigating the DEA Audit: Controlled Substance Act Compliance

Taught by: Natalia Mazina, JD, BA | Premiering: 4/24/23 10:30 AM ET

For pharmacies dispensing controlled substances, compliance with the provisions of the Controlled Substance Act is paramount. When pharmacists are presented with the news of an audit, the information is commonly met with fear and misunderstanding of what the next steps should be.

This program is designed to equip pharmacy personnel with the best practices for responding to a DEA audit and to highlight proactive measures that should be occurring at every facility in advance of an announced audit. 

Tune in on April 24 to learn how to:

  • Identify common record keeping errors and omissions in regard to controlled substances
  • Recognize best practices in preparation for an announced DEA audit at the pharmacy level
  • Cite the most recent DEA enforcement and administrative actions that apply to pharmacy practice


A Look Back at the Courses We Launched in March

Here’s what freeCE members thought about the courses we launched last month:


Increasing Effective Communication with Deaf or Hard of Hearing Patients

“Excellent. Thank you for an important CE and a sign of hope. There was so much in the handouts, the teacher’s words and in the Q&A!”

– Rosemarie, pharmacist from Sparta, NJ


Overview of Herbal Products and Dietary Supplements: Unit 1

“Very informative program. I found information that I need not only for my patients but also for myself and my family. More programs like this are needed.”

– Mary, pharmacist from Massapequa, NY


Where Are My Antibiotics? Combating Antibiotic Shortages

“Amazing and extremely useful presentation. Mastery of Pharmacology on full display.”

– Carols, pharmacist from Miami, FL


Beyond the Classroom: Pharmacists and Technicians in the Non-Profit Sector

“Amazing program. Each of the presenters had such a wide-ranging and effective group of skills, that they shared freely. I changed my mind regarding my little research and education business as a result of this CE program!” 

– Anne, pharmacist from Hamilton, NJ


Cross-Walking Bipolar Disorder with Major Depression: Navigating the Pharmacologic Challenges

“Very informative, good visuals, very confident in presentation you can tell from her QA, pleasant voice, good pace.”

– Roxanne, pharmacist from Binghamton, NY 

Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to learn about these emerging hot topics. Become a freeCE member today to get full access to our entire live CE calendar.


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