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Defining Functional Pharmacy

what is functional pharmacy? Functional pharmacy ce and certification freeCE for pharmacists

What is functional pharmacy?

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in functional pharmacy as a holistic approach to health and wellness. This innovative paradigm goes beyond the traditional model of symptom-based treatment by focusing on identifying and addressing the root causes of health issues.

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Functional pharmacy considers various factors, such as nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle, in addition to modern medicine, to optimize overall well-being. In this article, we will explore the key elements of functional pharmacy and how pharmacists integrate it with traditional prescription medication to provide comprehensive patient care.

Functional pharmacy is a patient-centered approach that aims to uncover the underlying imbalances or dysfunctions in the body’s systems, rather than merely treating the symptoms of a disease. It focuses on the interconnections between various physiological processes and considers the individual as a whole, taking into account their unique genetic makeup, environment, lifestyle, and emotional well-being.

Functional pharmacists work in collaboration with other healthcare providers to conduct comprehensive assessments, analyze laboratory results, and design personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s specific needs. The goal is to optimize health and promote longevity by addressing the root causes of health issues rather than relying solely on symptom management.


What is Food’s Role in Functional Pharmacy?

Nutrition plays a central role in functional pharmacy, as it directly impacts the body’s physiological processes and overall health. Functional pharmacists emphasize the importance of a balanced and nutrient-rich diet to support various bodily functions, including immune function, digestion, and hormonal balance. They may recommend specific dietary interventions, such as elimination diets, to identify food sensitivities or allergies that could be contributing to health issues. Additionally, functional pharmacists may suggest personalized supplementation plans to address nutrient deficiencies and support optimal health. See our Food to Pharmacy Connection certification.


What Is Exercise’s Role In Functional Pharmacy?

Exercise is another fundamental pillar of functional pharmacy. Regular physical activity has numerous benefits for overall health, including improved cardiovascular function, enhanced mood, and reduced stress.

Functional pharmacists often collaborate with patients to create individualized exercise plans that consider their fitness level, health condition, and personal preferences. This approach ensures that patients can sustain their exercise routine and reap the maximum benefits. Exercise is also seen as an essential component in managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases, as it complements traditional medical interventions.


How Does Modern Medicine Work With Functional Pharmacy?

Functional pharmacy does not dismiss the importance of modern medicine; instead, it seeks to integrate conventional medical approaches with a holistic perspective. Functional pharmacists work in tandem with medical doctors and specialists to ensure comprehensive patient care. They analyze medical histories, laboratory results, and imaging reports to gain a deeper understanding of the patient’s health status.

By collaborating with other healthcare providers, functional pharmacists can identify potential drug interactions, contraindications, and ensure that any prescribed medications align with the patient’s overall treatment plan.


How Do Pharmacists Integrate Functional Pharmacy With Traditional Prescription Medication?

Integrating functional pharmacy with traditional prescription medication requires a balanced and evidence-based approach. Pharmacists with a functional medicine background can play a critical role in optimizing medication therapy for individual patients. They consider how prescribed medications may impact other physiological systems and identify potential side effects or drug interactions that may arise.

Functional pharmacists may also recommend lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, or supplements to complement prescription medication and improve treatment outcomes. By collaborating with prescribers and patients, these pharmacists facilitate a more holistic and patient-centered approach to healthcare.


Integrative Pharmacy Continuing Education

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