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Defining Functional Pharmacy

what is functional pharmacy? Functional pharmacy ce and certification freeCE for pharmacists

What is functional pharmacy? In recent years, there has been a growing interest in functional pharmacy as a holistic approach to health and wellness. This innovative paradigm goes beyond the traditional model of symptom-based treatment by focusing on identifying and addressing the root causes of health issues. Table of Contents Functional pharmacy considers various factors, […]

5 Historically Significant People & Their Impacts on The Modern Pharmacy 

5 historically significant people and their impact on the modern pharmacy

The field of pharmacy has had a significant impact on the world, from the discovery of life-saving drugs to the establishment of global pharmacy chains. However, pharmacy isn’t limited to these areas. Here are five notable individuals, all with experience in the pharmacy and medical fields, who have made a lasting impact on the world […]

Overview of Cough Management

Overview of Cough Management how pharmacists manage coughs for patients

How well I remember back in the 1980’s buying Robitussin AC®, Robitussin DAC®, Phenergan with codeine® and Phenergan VC with codeine® in GALLON jugs!  Dispensing 8 oz of these codeine containing cough suppressants was typical during flu season.  Pediatricians would even prescribe Tussionex ® to stop the nighttime coughing!  How the landscape has changed!  I […]

What Pharmacy Personnel Need To Know About Non-Sterile Compounding

what is nonsterile compounding pharmacy ce

What is Non-Sterile Compounding? Non-sterile compounding refers to pharmacy personnel’s preparation of customized medications such as oral products, creams, ointments, and suppositories. The compounding process refers to the manipulation and combining of medications to create specific formulations for individual patient needs. For pharmacy technicians, this practice requires specialized training and adherence to quality control measures […]

Non-Traditional Jobs For Pharmacists – Some That Are Outside The Pharmaceutical Industry

non traditional jobs for pharmacists

Roles filled by pharmacists have traditionally been either inpatient (hospital pharmacist or clinical pharmacist) or outpatient (community pharmacist, ambulatory care pharmacist). The PharmD degree is very versatile and there are many career options for a pharmacist beyond these traditional settings. Some nontraditional pharmacist roles are described below. Table of Contents Pharmaceutical industry  Pharmacists can work […]

4P: Overview of Dextromethorphan

CE for pharmacists, overview of dextromethorphan

Course Opening Up June 16, 2023. Click Here to view the course.  Learning Objective: Recognize the potential dangers and interactions of the common over the counter drug dextromethorphan. I have seen three cases of serotonin syndrome.  Pharmacists need to be cognizant of the potential interaction between “good old Dextromethorphan” and antidepressants that can lead to […]

Preventing Controlled Substance Diversion in a Pharmacy

Preventing Controlled Substance Diversion in a Pharmacy

In the United States, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is responsible for enforcing Title 21 of the United States Code Controlled Substances Act (commonly referred to as Federal Controlled Substances Act or Federal CSA).1 The Agency’s primary responsibility is to balance the availability of controlled substances for approved uses while minimizing diversion and misuse of these […]

freeCE Live Webinars Premiering in June

new live ce courses for pharmacy workers june 2023

freeCE has a full schedule of live CE planned for the month of June, including the exciting new courses featured below. Tune in to grow your expertise and work toward your continuing education requirements! Table of Contents Pharmacy Technician Enhanced Training – Nonsterile Compounding Module 1: Nonsterile Compounding 101 – Regulations, Standards, and Guidelines Taught […]

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Pharmacy School

what you need to know before going to pharmacy school

Edward Spivey is a 4th year pharmacy student at the Medical University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy and completed an externship with PharmCon freeCE. He agreed to reflect on his time as a student and offer some key observations to those contemplating a formal pharmacy education: Table of Contents 10 Things You Need To […]


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