Delivery of Modern Healthcare

A health care delivery system refers to services, personnel, and how they are organized. It is an organization that provides treatments and resources for those who are sick or injured. The goal of these delivery systems is to keep the population safe and healthy so as to keep them productive and happy. Modern health care […]

A Brief History of Nursing: Florence Nightingale, the Red Cross, and Modern Day Nursing

Nursing is the profession that focuses on providing optimal care for individuals in recovery so that they can return to living a healthy life. Nurses are health care professionals that offer support in the medical environment. They have varying levels of prescription authority. While they are traditionally within the ordering scope of physicians, these care […]

Educational Technology & The Rise of Online Learning

Because of the advancement of educational technology, the increased accessibility of the internet, and the COVID-19 outbreak, online learning has seen significant growth over the last decade. Even before the pandemic, online learning has already shown promise. In fact, according to a 2008 study conducted by the US Department of Education, 66% of postsecondary public […]

The Emerging Storm: Suicide & COVID-19

“We are all in the same boat,” the social media posts proclaim, in reference to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  And, while I appreciate the sense of unity that such posts imply, I adamantly disagree. We are not all in the same boat here. Even professionally, I hear from colleagues who are absolutely inundated at work, […]

COVID-19: Trading in the Lab Coat for the Cape… and a Mask, Where Available

COVID-19:  Trading in the Lab Coat for the Cape… and a Mask, Where Available What a difference a month can make! Last month, I decided to blog about COVID-19, this mysterious virus that was quickly making its way into social conversation. At the time, public schools were still in session here in South Carolina and, aside […]

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Coronavirus. COVID-19. Pandemic. These are words that everyone in the nation has become intimately familiar with over the past weeks as media outlets push the constant updates of major closings, cancellations, and drastic adjustments to the daily lives of millions. And, admittedly the information being pushed forward is both frightening and confusing for many.  In the […]

90-Day Supply

90-Day Supply We have spent a considerable amount of time ‘unpacking’ the New York Times article by Ellen Gabler entitled, “How Chaos at Chain Pharmacies is Putting Patients at Risk” that was originally published on January 31st. And, it is with good reason that this has consumed so much our conversation. It was one of […]

Exhaustive Refill Requests

Exhaustive Refill Requests Many of us grew up hearing the story of “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.”  In the story, a young boy was tasked with guarding the town’s sheep and to yell for help when necessary. The boy, however, had a habit of screaming ‘wolf’ at the slightest hint of a problem. Any slight rustling […]

Pharmacy Metrics

Pharmacy Metrics In our last bit of ‘blog time’ together, we discussed the January 31st New York Times article written by Ellen Gabler entitled, “How Chaos at Chain Pharmacies is Putting Patients at Risk.” And, there was simply too much to ‘unpack’ in this article with one posting. In the last blog, we discussed the […]

New York Times Essential Article for Pharmacists

New York Times Essential Article for Pharmacists Among the pharmacy community, it has become known as the New York Times article. From outside the profession, this may seem to be an odd, non-specific reference. In speaking with those in the community, however, pharmacists immediately recognize that I am referring to the January 31st New York Times article […]