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NABP Login, Look No Further. Here Is How To Login

NABP Login How To Find NABP Account Login website. freeCE for pharmacists

Here is the link for the NABP Login. While you’re here, since you’re a pharmacist or a pharmacy professional, consider freeCE for your continuing education needs. We’ve been helping pharmacy professionals stay current on their certifications and licenses since 1990.  Table of Contents What Does NABP Stand For? NABP stands for the National Association of […]

Pharmacy Product Spotlight:  Humidifiers

Humidifiers Treating Cough, Pharmacist Perspective

Pharmacy Product Spotlight:  Humidifiers MicroCE, 0.25 hours, Pete Kreckel  Dr. Jeffrey Rosch, an esteemed allergist who practices in Altoona PA, was doing a presentation on allergies.  He is the doctor who said he never gives out cough syrup, because it is his job to find out the origins of the cough. Also, at that presentation […]

GLP1s For Weight Loss

Pharmacist Speaks Out On GLP1s For Weight Loss & Managing Obesity

It’s no secret that the rates of obesity continue to increase in the US; the latest information from the CDC estimates national rates at ~42%.  Obesity is a major contributor to both morbidity and mortality – as well as a significant economic burden with ~$173 billion spent annually in direct and indirect costs. Table of […]

Florida CE Marathon

Florida CE Pharmacy Continuing Education Marathon

Join us on September 30 for back-to-back classes covering all core Florida CE requirements   Need CE fast? We’ve got you covered. If you’ve waited until the last minute to complete your CE requirements for the state of Florida, get caught up with us on September 30. We’ll be offering the following courses: Table of […]

What’s Happening Around freeCE: New Live Webinars Launching in August

august 2023 live pharmacy ce webinars

freeCE has a full schedule of live CE planned for the month of August, including the new courses featured below. Tune in to grow your expertise and work toward your continuing education requirements! Table of Contents freeCE Webinars Premiering in August Adverse Medication Events: A Focus on Adverse Medication Reactions Part 1 Taught by: Marc […]

Florida Pharmacists: Complete your CE Requirements with free CE

Florida Pharmacist CE Immediate Access License Renewal Deadlines

As September 30 draws near, Florida pharmacists are gearing up for their license renewal deadline. Continuing Education (CE) is an essential aspect of the healthcare profession, ensuring that pharmacists stay updated with the latest advancements, best practices, and regulatory changes in the industry.  Pharmacists can turn to freeCE, a leading provider of high-quality continuing education […]

Defining Functional Pharmacy

what is functional pharmacy? Functional pharmacy ce and certification freeCE for pharmacists

What is functional pharmacy? In recent years, there has been a growing interest in functional pharmacy as a holistic approach to health and wellness. This innovative paradigm goes beyond the traditional model of symptom-based treatment by focusing on identifying and addressing the root causes of health issues. Table of Contents Functional pharmacy considers various factors, […]

5 Historically Significant People & Their Impacts on The Modern Pharmacy 

5 historically significant people and their impact on the modern pharmacy

The field of pharmacy has had a significant impact on the world, from the discovery of life-saving drugs to the establishment of global pharmacy chains. However, pharmacy isn’t limited to these areas. Here are five notable individuals, all with experience in the pharmacy and medical fields, who have made a lasting impact on the world […]

Overview of Cough Management

Overview of Cough Management how pharmacists manage coughs for patients

How well I remember back in the 1980’s buying Robitussin AC®, Robitussin DAC®, Phenergan with codeine® and Phenergan VC with codeine® in GALLON jugs!  Dispensing 8 oz of these codeine containing cough suppressants was typical during flu season.  Pediatricians would even prescribe Tussionex ® to stop the nighttime coughing!  How the landscape has changed!  I […]


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