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What’s Happening Around freeCE: New Live Webinars Launching in August

august 2023 live pharmacy ce webinars

freeCE has a full schedule of live CE planned for the month of August, including the new courses featured below. Tune in to grow your expertise and work toward your continuing education requirements!

Table of Contents

freeCE Webinars Premiering in August

adverse medication events pharmacy ce

Adverse Medication Events: A Focus on Adverse Medication Reactions Part 1

Taught by: Marc Semprebon, PharmD, MSLS, RPh | Premiering: 8/10/23 8:00 PM ET

Adverse medication reactions (AMRs) continue to be a burden on our healthcare system and more importantly, on the quality of life for the patients under our care. However, certain information regarding AMRs is propagated by not only patients and their family or caregivers, but also by those providing their care.

This program is intended to identify some representative examples of AMRs and to bring to light some examples of AMR documentation and how health care providers can improve patient care by eliminating or at least minimizing certain AMR information in the patient’s medical record.

Webinar participants will learn how to:

  • List the different adverse medication reaction (AMR) categories
  • Indicate an example of an AMR in a particular category
  • Recognize helpful information about AMRs to certain antibiotics and iodinated contrast media
  • List different steps to take to improve patient “allergy” labeling
  • Identify impact of improved patient “allergy” labeling


maximizing utility of the federal 340B Drug Pricing Program continuing education

Maximizing Utility of the Federal 340B Drug Pricing Program

Taught by: John Malek, RPh, JD, MA | Premiering: 8/15/23 8:00 PM ET

The federal 340B Drug Pricing Program is an outpatient federal drug pricing program that allows Covered Entities to stretch scarce federal resources as far as possible to reach eligible patients and provide comprehensive medical services.

This course will serve as an overview of 340B, as well as an opportunity to reflect on pharmacist participation (either knowingly or otherwise!). By attending this course, participants will learn how pharmacies and patients qualify to use the 340B Drug Pricing Program.

This course will also delve into the general compliance parameters around 340B. Finally, participants will be educated on how vital the Drug Pricing Program is to Covered Entities and patients who are using it.

Here are the learning objectives for this webinar:

  • Recognize the purpose and intent of the 340B program
  • Identify compliance parameters of the 340B program
  • Recognize challenges facing the future of the 340B program


preventing medication errors the rose of the pharmacy technician

Preventing Medication Errors: The Role of the Pharmacy Technician

Taught by: Sarah Lisenby, Director, Pharmacy Technician Program | Premiering: 8/17/23 2:00 PM ET

Medication errors are preventable errors that can occur throughout the medication-use process. The most common types of medication errors include prescribing errors, dispensing errors, and administration errors.

Pharmacy technicians play a key role in preventing these types of medication errors. This session will identify the most common medication errors, and the strategies that pharmacy technicians can employ to prevent these errors from occurring.

Webinar participants will learn how to:

  • Identify the types of medication and/or prescription errors that occur during prescribing or in the pharmacy setting
  • Recognize the various factors that cause medication errors to occur
  • Identify strategies for prevention of medication errors and the role of the pharmacy technician in this process


advocacy 101 how to champion ideas and influence legislative policy

Advocacy 1.0: How to Champion Ideas and Influence Legislative Policy

Taught by: Rene McEldowney, PhD, MBA | Premiering: 8/22/23 8:00 PM ET

The American Pharmacists Association defines pharmacy advocacy as “… taking meaningful, specific action to make sure members of the government and those around them are educated about pharmacy issues and our concerns and priorities as pharmacists.” But in an environment of unprecedented change within the practice of pharmacy and pharmaceutical innovation the question that often arises is how does one effectively advocate for their profession?

This course will provide participants with an overview of how to be an effective advocate by first examining the legislative and policy process, then reviewing how best to engage with state and federal legislators, regulators, and public officials, and finally providing the basic skills necessary to become a successful advocate.

Here are the learning objectives for this webinar:

  • Define advocacy and the key operations, incentives, and drivers of the three central policy streams of advocacy theory
  • Identify how to engage with legislative, regulatory, and other public officials
  • Identify the key skills encompassed in the art of successful advocacy


beyond the classroom vaccine administration

Beyond the Classroom: Vaccine Administration

Taught by: Gretchen Kreckel Garofoli, Lauren Hynicka, Krista Capehart | Premiering: 8/30/23 8:00 PM ET

Vaccines are an increasingly vital tool in the prevention of disease. With the challenges brought on by COVID-19, a renewed focus was placed on both the pharmacist’s and pharmacy technician’s role in the timely administration of vaccines.

This session brings together a group of expert panelists to reflect on ‘lessons learned’ during the COVID-19 pandemic and to identify some of the more problematic areas with both vaccine administration and public acceptance. As with all “Beyond the Classroom” discussions, participants will be able to interact directly with the panelists in real time.

Webinar participants will learn how to:

  • Recognize techniques for addressing vaccine hesitancy
  • Describe proper technique when drawing up and administering immunizations
  • Identify distraction techniques that can be used when administering immunizations
  • Identify the purpose of and process for using VAERS


A Look Back at the Courses We Launched in July

Here’s what freeCE members thought about the courses we launched last month:

Methods to Aid Pharmacists in Validating Controlled Substance Prescriptions

“It was amazing he could present this non-stop! Interesting voice, no trouble staying awake (after working all day) Practical examples.”

– Dorothy, FL 

“Great enthusiasm, tone and flow throughout the presentation, kept my interest easily. Overall very informative presentation.”

– Brandy, FL 


Embracing Your Inner Pharmacist: Conquering Imposter Syndrome and Unlocking Professional Success

“My favorite ever! Speaker was incredible and the topic was extremely relevant and informative. Absolutely. Loved this class” 

-Denise,  NY

“Amazing presentation! I never leave comments for these things but I have to let free CE know that this may have been THE most helpful CE I’ve ever listened to. Our state of mind is the most essential tool in our profession. Thank you Freee CE and thank you Alex for giving me a very different perspective into myself as a healthcare professional!”

– Jamie, FL 


A New Era of HIV Management – FL APPROVED

‘Very knowledgeable and easy to listen and follow along. clear slides and very interesting. “

– Alejandra,  FL 

“This is possibly the best HIV lecture I have had. I often find them overwhelming but the different classes were described so well. I feel like all of the info needed as a pharmacist is there but in such an easy to understand and well organized way. Thank so much!”

– Crystal, TN


Calling the Shots: Injectable Antiretrovirals for HIV

“Very well organized and very informative. Presenter did an excellent job answering questions and was well-prepared to answer clinical trial-related questions about these medications. Would enjoy seeing more from this presenter. “ 

– Emory,  AL

“This was a well organized lecture. The slides were great, concise with all of the relevant information. Speaker was knowledgeable. Thanks so much!”

– Crystal, TN 


Beyond the Classroom: Controlled Substance Diversion

“Absolutely fantastic panel discussion. Thank you to all of the participants. The perspective and experience shared was enlightening and helpful to a variety of practice settings.”

– Marianne, UT

“EXCELLENT Topic and Excellent panel of speakers!! Thank you so much for this interactive CE program!! 🙂 Very useful info.”

– Jan, SC


Pharmacology for Technicians: Rheumatology

“Thank you for providing this continuing education on rheumatological conditions! More programs like this one are needed to further educate our healthcare providers regarding the growing prevalence of these conditions and how to best understand, treat, and support our affected patients.” 

– Valerie, FL 

Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to learn about these emerging hot topics. Become a freeCE member today to get full access to our entire live CE calendar.


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