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freeCE Webinars Premiering in March

New Online Learning Continuing Education for Pharmacy Professionals


freeCE has a full schedule of live CE planned through the rest of March, including the five new courses featured below. Choose your favorites and join us to grow your expertise and work toward your continuing education requirements!

Table of Contents

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Increasing Effective Communication with Deaf or Hard of Hearing Patients

Taught by: Michelle Niehaus, MSW, LCSW | Premiering: 3/15/23 8:00 PM ET

During this session, participants will consider the impact of hearing loss on engagement and usage of healthcare services. Disparities in access and outcomes will be discussed along with legislation aimed at helping people to receive both language access and improved hearing healthcare. Strategies for effective communication in person and via technology will be covered. 

Resources for patient education and further professional development will help participants identify ways to continue their journey of becoming more culturally affirmative and linguistically accessible to individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. 

Join in on March 15 to learn how to:

  • Identify linguistic and cultural barriers that contribute to health disparities among individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • Recognize strategies for effective communication with customers who have hearing loss
  • Cite resources for increasing patients’ health literacy


Overview of Herbal Products and Dietary Supplements: Unit 1

Taught by: Peter Kreckel, RPh | Premiering: 3/16/23 2:00 PM ET

The regulation of dietary supplements in the United States is complex and not well understood by the public. This course will examine the impact of laws that regulate dietary supplements, explore drug interactions when supplements are used with prescription medications, and investigate the role that dietary supplements can play in the development of serotonin syndrome. The distinction between adverse effects and allergies will also be considered in this educational activity. Pharmacy technicians who complete this course will have a solid foundation in dietary supplement regulation and important pharmacological concepts related to supplement use.

This webinar is designed for pharmacy technicians to learn how to:

  • Recognize the impact of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, which governs the manufacturing and labeling of dietary supplements
  • Identify the role that half-life and drug interactions have when supplements are used with prescription products
  • Recognize the concept of serotonin syndrome, as well as the role that some dietary supplements can play in the development of this condition
  • Distinguish between adverse effects and allergies to medications and dietary supplements


Where Are My Antibiotics? Combating Antibiotic Shortages

Taught by: Michael Carter, PharmD, BCPS | Premiering: 3/16/23 7:00 PM ET

COVID-19 has led to what seems to be an accelerated timeline for drug shortages. Each day, more and more medications become unavailable or are available in sparse supply, with antibiotics being an especially concerning segment. Come on a journey to review and understand how we can combat these antibiotic shortages by applying pharmaceutical expertise and skill.

After the course, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and nurses will be able to:

  • Identify common reasons that drug shortages occur
  • Determine which antibiotics are on shortage and which are no longer on shortage
  • Compare therapeutic antibiotic equivalents for different indications


The Connection of Implicit Bias: Barriers to Care and Disparities in Access to and the Delivery of Health Care

Taught by: Jeanine Abrons, PharmD, MS, FAPhA | Premiering: 3/14/23 8:00 PM ET

As pharmacists or healthcare providers, implicit bias can influence our judgment, perceptions and actions. The impact of this bias can be failure to communicate with the patients that we serve and contributions to barriers to healthcare access and disparities in the delivery and access of healthcare services.

This session will define the concepts of implicit bias and its impact on equitable access to health care. By summarizing current research, this program will provide pharmacists with methods of addressing implicit bias and strategies that they can employ to enhance access to care in their patients as well as their abilities to reduce health disparities.

After the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the concepts of implicit bias and equitable access to health care
  • Describe historical factors impacting trust in the medical system
  • Recognize and understand the impact of implicit bias on perception, judgment, and actions that may result in inequitable decision making, failure to effectively communicate, and barriers or disparities in access to and the delivery of health care services
  • Identify appropriate methods of addressing implicit bias
  • Identify strategies to ensure that pharmacists are enhancing access to care and reducing disparities in the access to and delivery of healthcare services (e.g., understanding differences in needs of diverse populations, establishing diversity and inclusion initiatives, and working to enhance personal cultural sensitivity)


Overview of Herbal Products and Dietary Supplements: Unit 2

Taught by: Peter Kreckel, RPh | Premiering: 3/30/23 2:00 PM ET

According to a 2019 consumer survey, more than half of adults in the United States reported taking a dietary supplement. With that many patients utilizing these products, it is more important than ever for the healthcare practitioner to be familiar with them too.

Join Professor Pete Kreckel as he delves into the world of supplements from natural origins of many popular products to their drug interactions to mechanisms of action and much more!

After the course, pharmacy technicians will be able to:

  • Cite the rules that govern dietary supplements
  • Describe the role of the pharmacy technician in advising the pharmacist to make therapeutic decisions for patients interested in herbal products
  • List the uses, adverse effects, drug interactions, typical doses and need for pharmacist consultation


A Look Back at the Courses We Launched in February

Here’s what freeCE members thought about the courses we launched last month:


Law Update: Opioid Prescribing, (Mis)Information, Dispensing Decisions

“Great talk on a very important and relevant matter. Speaker had a very strong command of the subject matter. It’s not easy being a Pharmacist today with this ever changing environment/world.” – Kenneth, Dix Hills, NY


Humanitarian Aid: A Pharmacist’s Perspective 

“What a wonderful presentation. Thank you. We don’t have enough of these. And it was great to be able to hear in your voice how passionate you are about this project.” – Carla, Deltona, FL 

“I have been on medical missions trips to the Dominican Republic with church humanitarian aid groups. Your presentation was comprehensive, very good. Thank you for educating and advocating for this important opportunity for professional and personal development. And for helping others!” – Laura, Weaverville, NC 


Cannabis Specialty Pharmacist Module 1: The Endocannabinoid System and Pharmacology

“Loved this program! Just the right amount of medicinal chemistry structures & especially pharmacology review of the human body & plant, then continued on!!!!! This program makes me want to sign up for the certificate program just because of Mark’s teaching approach. I’ve been commenting for YEARS that I wanted more pharmacology review in CE. THANK YOU MARK!” – Nina, Roswell, GA


Sterile Compounding – Navigating Revised USP <797>

“I am always excited to hear from Dr. Keinle, and get her opinion on the revisions and the thoughts that go into the guidelines. It makes following these guidelines easier to understand and put into practice.” – Peter, Layton, UT 

“The presenter was excellent. Her knowledge and teaching technique was spot on. – Gail, Elkridge, MD 


New Drugs and Drug News from 2022 You Can Use!

“One of the best presenters!  I’ll listen to her sell wall paper!” – Cynthia, Vail, AZ 

“Always a pleasure to hear a session with Dr. McPherson. Her research is in depth and she is a joy to listen to!” – Carol, Wheelock, VT 

Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to learn about these emerging hot topics. Become a freeCE member today to get full access to our entire CE catalog.


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