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Florida Pharmacists: Complete your CE Requirements with free CE

Florida Pharmacist CE Immediate Access License Renewal Deadlines

As September 30 draws near, Florida pharmacists are gearing up for their license renewal deadline. Continuing Education (CE) is an essential aspect of the healthcare profession, ensuring that pharmacists stay updated with the latest advancements, best practices, and regulatory changes in the industry. 

Pharmacists can turn to freeCE, a leading provider of high-quality continuing education courses, to meet their CE requirements conveniently and efficiently. Let’s explore how freeCE can be the go-to resource for Florida pharmacists to advance their knowledge and skills while preparing for license renewal.

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The Importance of Continuing Education for Pharmacists

Pharmacists play a pivotal role in patient care, medication management, and overall healthcare outcomes. Because of their unique position within the community, pharmacists are often referred to as the most accessible health care providers.

Staying current with the latest developments in pharmacy and healthcare is crucial to ensuring the highest level of patient safety and care. Continuing education offers pharmacists the opportunity to expand their knowledge, enhance their competencies, and maintain their professional licensure.


How Many CE Hours Does A Pharmacist Need In Florida?

Pharmacists in Florida must complete a total of 30 hours of continuing education during each 2-year biennial cycle to qualify for license renewal. Of those 30 hours, 10 must be live; 2 hours must be a FL board approved controlled substances program and 2 hours must be a FL board approved medication errors program. 

There are specific continuing education requirements for your first biennium renewal. If you are renewing your license for the first time, you only need to obtain 15 or 5 hours of continuing education, depending on the time between your initial licensure date and your first renewal. 

If your first biennium license renewal occurs 12 months or more after your initial licensure date, you must complete 15 hours of continuing education, 5 of which must be live. The 15 hours must include 2 hours of FL board approved controlled substances programming, 2 hours of FL board approved medication error programming, and 1 hour of FL board approved HIV/AIDS programming. 

If your first biennium license renewal occurs less than 12 months after your initial licensure date, you must complete 2 hours of FL board approved medication error programming, and 1 hour of FL board approved HIV/AIDS programming. 



Required to complete an additional twenty-four (24) hours every two years of consultant-specific CE. 



Required to complete an additional twenty-four (24) hours every two years of nuclear-specific CE. 


Why Choose free CE?

Comprehensive Course Selection

freeCE boasts an extensive library of courses that cover a wide range of topics relevant to pharmacists. From the latest updates on drug therapies to managing chronic conditions and regulatory changes, pharmacists can find courses tailored to their individual needs and interests.


Accredited and Approved

All courses provided by freeCE are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) and approved by the Florida Board of Pharmacy. This ensures that pharmacists can confidently earn CE credits that meet their state’s licensure requirements.


Convenient Learning Format

With freeCE, pharmacists have the flexibility to complete courses online at their own pace. Our user-friendly platform allows professionals to access materials 24/7, making it easy to fit CE requirements into busy schedules.


Expert Instructors

The courses are designed and presented by industry experts, ensuring the highest quality of content and relevance to real-world pharmacy practice.


Navigating the free CE Platform

Signing up for freeCE and enrolling in courses is a simple and straightforward process. Pharmacists can easily create an account, browse through the course catalog, and select the topics that align with their professional interests and learning objectives.

In addition to the self-paced courses, freeCE also offers live webinars that allow pharmacists to engage with instructors and fellow professionals in real-time. This interactive approach enhances the overall learning experience, allowing participants to get all their questions answered.


A Chance to Stand Out

Beyond meeting licensure requirements, continuing education presents pharmacists with a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves in their profession. By seeking out courses that align with their career aspirations and interests, pharmacists can gain specialized knowledge and skills that set them apart in a competitive job market.

Moreover, staying updated with emerging trends and innovative therapies positions pharmacists as valuable resources within their healthcare teams. It empowers them to contribute actively to patient care, collaborate with other healthcare providers, and advocate for the optimal use of medications to improve patient outcomes.


Get your CE done the free CE way

As the Florida pharmacist license renewal deadline approaches, freeCE offers a reliable, convenient, and cost-effective solution for fulfilling CE requirements. Pharmacists can benefit from a wide range of accredited courses, expert instructors, and a user-friendly platform, enabling them to stay current and relevant in their profession.

By choosing freeCE, Florida pharmacists can not only meet their licensure obligations but also enhance their knowledge, skills, and contributions to patient care, making a lasting impact on the well-being of their communities. Happy learning!



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