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Last Updated: September 23, 2023

License Deadline: 3/31/2024

30 Hours

  • 28 General
  • 1 Implicit Bias
  • 1 Sexual Harassment Prevention


License Deadline: 3/31/2023

10 Hours

  • 8 General
  • .5 Implicit Bias
  • .5 Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • .5 Pharmacy Law
  • .5 Patient Safety

45 Hours

  • 23 Hours Live
  • 19 Hours General
  • 3 Hours Medication Errors
  • No carry-over credit is allowed

30 Hours

  • 29 General
  • 1 Implicit Bias

45 Hours

  • 23 Hours Live
  • 19 Hours General
  • 3 Hours Medication Errors
  • No carry-over credit is allowed

45 Hours

  • 23 Hours Live
  • 19 Hours General
  • 3 Hours Medication Errors
  • No carry-over credit is allowed

45 Hours

  • 23 Hours Live
  • 19 Hours General
  • 3 Hours Medication Errors
  • No carry-over credit is allowed

Illinois Board of Pharmacy

Illinois CE Requirements For Pharmacists

Illinois Board of Pharmacy licensees must renew their licenses biennially to maintain the right to practice.

Biennial Continuing Education Requirements

Illinois Board of Pharmacy requires 30 continuing education (CE) hours to be completed every 2 years unless it is the licensee’s first renewal cycle. These education hours may be completed in a live or home study setting.

Required Subject AreaRequired Number of Hours
General Hours28
Implicit Bias Awareness1
Sexual Harassment Prevention1


Section 1330.100 – Continuing Education (CE)

  1. a) CE Requirements

1) Each person who applies for renewal of a license as a pharmacist shall complete 30 hours of CE during the 24 months preceding the expiration date of the license, in accordance with Section 12 of the Act.

2) A renewal applicant is not required to comply with CE requirements for the first renewal after original licensure.

  1. b) Approved CE

1) CE credit shall be based upon the completion of courses offered by providers approved by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education. These courses may be completed outside the State of Illinois.

2) Undergraduate Coursework

  1. A) Undergraduate coursework taken after completion of a first professional degree in pharmacy through a recognized college or approved school of pharmacy (in accordance with Section 1330.300) may be used to fulfill the CE requirement if:
  2. i) Evidence of course completion through an official transcript and other documentation (e.g., certificate of completion or degree) of the university or college is submitted that indicates the number of course content hours completed; and
  3. ii) These courses are completed for college credit.
  4. B) CE credit will be earned for each undergraduate course completed. One semester hour is equivalent to 15 CE hours, and one quarter hour is equivalent to 10 CE hours.

(c) Certification of CE Requirements

1) Each renewal applicant shall certify on the renewal application full compliance with CE requirements set forth in subsection (a).

2) The Division may require additional evidence demonstrating compliance with the CE requirements. It is the responsibility of each renewal applicant to retain or otherwise produce evidence of the compliance (e.g., certificate of attendance or completion). Evidence shall be required in the context of the Division’s random audit in accordance with Section 12 of the Act.

  1. d) The same CE hours cannot be used to fulfill the CE requirement for more than one renewal period.
  2. e) Waiver of CE Requirements

1) Any renewal applicant seeking renewal of a license without having fully complied with these CE requirements shall file with the Division a renewal application, along with the required fee, a statement setting forth the facts concerning noncompliance and a request for waiver of the CE requirements on the basis of these facts. A request for waiver shall be made prior to the renewal date. If the Division, upon the written recommendation of the Board, finds from the affidavit or any other evidence submitted that good cause has been shown for granting a waiver, the Division shall waive enforcement of the CE requirements for the renewal period for which the applicant has applied.

2) Good cause shall be defined as an inability to fulfill the CE requirements during the applicable period because of:

  1. A) Full-time service in the armed forces of the United States of America during the applicable period; or
  2. B) Extreme hardship, which shall be determined on an individual basis by the Board and shall be limited to documentation of:
  3. i) An incapacitating illness, documented by a currently licensed physician; or
  4. ii) Physical inability to travel to the sites of approved programs, as documented by a currently licensed physician; or

iii) Any other similar extenuating circumstances (e.g., illness of family member).

3) If a renewal applicant requests an interview before the Board at the time the waiver request is submitted, the Board shall not deny the waiver request before an interview is conducted. The renewal applicant requesting a waiver shall be given at least 20 days written notice of the date, time and place of the interview by mail, or email.

4) Any renewal applicant who submits a request for waiver pursuant to subsection (e)(1) shall be deemed to be in good standing until the final Division decision on the application has been made.

We cannot guarantee this is the most up-to-date version of this code section. Please refer to the Illinois Code for the most accurate information.

The applicant should have a valid, active license from a member board and transfer it through the NABP Clearinghouse. After approval, go to the Board, create an online account, and request a license via transfer. The Board will provide the applicant with the Authorization to Test and therefore will be eligible to register and pass the MPJE.

The Illinois State Board of Pharmacy requires a minimum of 30 continuing education hours every 2 years. The CE requirement must be fulfilled by the renewal date during even-numbered years in order to renew the license.

Individuals may apply for pharmacist licensure via examination or by license transfer. A new graduate may follow the steps as outlined below:

  1. Complete the online application with the Continental Testing Service (CTS). Pay any required fees and have the college/university submit an ED-PM form.
    1. Any supporting documentation may be mailed to Continental Testing Services, Inc., 547 South LaGrange Road, P.O. Box 100, LaGrange, IL 60525-0100.
  2. Apply with NABP for examination eligibility and pay any required fees.
  3. If eligible, proceed to NABP to purchase exams online and pay any examination fees.
    1. The applicants official transcript must be sent to the NABP ( directly from the respective college of pharmacy.
  4. Once the Authorization to Test has been received, follow the instructions provided in order to register and pass the examinations. Additionally, pay any required fees.


Upon receiving the Offical Results Letter, apply for Illnois licensure with IDFPR.

While Illinois does not mandate live CE hours for pharmacist license renewal, opting for them can be highly beneficial. Participating in live online CE sessions allows you to engage in real-time interactions, discussions, and clarifications.

Enroll in a freeCE Gold Membership today to conveniently access all of our home study and live webinars that fulfill the state requirements for renewal. This subscription offers you access to numerous live sessions daily, alongside on-demand training options, allowing you to create a schedule that aligns perfectly with your needs.

freeCE makes getting state CE requirements simple, convenient and affordable. Illinois-licensed pharmacists are specifically required to earn CE related to implicit basis and sexual harrassment prevention. freeCE provides a large array of options for pharmacists to not only complete these requirements but to also choose topics that appeal to you or your area of expertise.

Illinois CE Requirements For Pharmacy Technicians

Annual Continuing Education Requirements

Registered certified pharmacy technicians are required to obtain 10 CE hours each year unless it is the licensee’s first renewal cycle.

Required Subject Area

Required Number of Hours

General Hours


Implicit Bias


Sexual Harassment Prevention


Pharmacy Law


Patient Safety 


Registered pharmacy technician requirements:

  1. Be at least 16 years of age.
  2. Complete the online application with IDFPR and pay the application fee.
  3. Provide proof of a high school diploma or GED.

Registered certified pharmacy technician requirements:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Complete the online application with IDFPR and pay the application fee.
  3. Provide proof of passing the PTCB or ExCPT pharmacy technician exam.
  4. Proof of certified pharmacy technician education.


Post application training should be administered by the pharmacist/PIC and completed within 6 months of initial employment.

freeCE is a valuable tool for pharmacy technicians to fulfill their CE requirements. The platform provides a diverse selection of accredited options, including interactive webinars and on-demand sessions, as well as written activities. This variety ensures that learning can be tailored to accommodate different preferences and styles.

By using freeCE, you can take advantage of the convenience of online learning, enabling you to take courses at your own pace, wherever you are. This flexibility allows for seamless management of both work and education. To explore the membership that fits you best, please explore our website here.

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