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Last Updated: January 1, 2023

45 Hours

  • 23 Hours Live
  • 19 Hours General
  • 3 Hours Medication Errors
  • No carry-over credit is allowed

License Deadline: 12/31/2024

15 Hours

  • 13 General
  • 2 Drug Administration

45 Hours

  • 23 Hours Live
  • 19 Hours General
  • 3 Hours Medication Errors
  • No carry-over credit is allowed

45 Hours

  • 23 Hours Live
  • 19 Hours General
  • 3 Hours Medication Errors
  • No carry-over credit is allowed

45 Hours

  • 23 Hours Live
  • 19 Hours General
  • 3 Hours Medication Errors
  • No carry-over credit is allowed

Maine Board of Pharmacy

MAINE CE Requirements For Pharmacists

Pharmacy licenses can be verified through the Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation’s official database.

Maine Board of Pharmacy licensees must renew their licenses annually to maintain the right to practice. Pharmacist licenses must be renewed by December 31 of each year.

Late renewals will be accepted up to 90 days after the license date of expiration, but late renewals will incur a late fee of $50.

You can find more information about Maine’s renewal requirements here.

Annual Continuing Education Requirements
Required Subject AreaRequired Number of Hours
General Hours13
Drug Administration2


What is CPE Monitor?

CPE Monitor is an electronic tracking system provided by ACPE and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). It allows pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to easily track their completed continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credits.

How does it work?

Continuing education providers report credits to CPE Monitor after a participant completes their program using the participant’s NABP e-Profile ID and date of birth. The Maine State Board of Pharmacy can then use CPE Monitor to electronically validate the completed credits.

Click here to learn more about CPE Monitor.


§13734. Renewal of licenses

1. Renewal. A license expires on the date set by the commissioner pursuant to Title 10, section 8003, subsection 4 for the licensing period for which the license was issued. A renewal license is issued for each ensuing licensing period in the absence of any reason or condition that might warrant the refusal to grant a license, upon receipt by the board of the written request of the applicant and the fee for the license as set under section 13724 and upon the applicant’s presenting evidence of compliance with the requirements of section 13735.

Licenses may be renewed up to 90 days after the date of expiration upon payment of a late fee as set under section 13724 in addition to the renewal fee as set under section 13724. Any person who submits an application for renewal more than 90 days after the license renewal date is subject to all requirements governing new applicants under this chapter, including a late fee, renewal fee and additional late fee as set under section 13724, except that the board may, giving due consideration to the protection of the public, waive examination if that renewal application is made within 2 years from the date of that expiration.

2. Inactive renewal license. A licensed pharmacist not practicing pharmacy within this State shall pay, on or before the expiration date as determined by the commissioner, a renewal fee as set under section 13724, in return for which an inactive renewal license must be issued.
A licensed pharmacist holding an inactive renewal license who desires to practice pharmacy in this State is required to submit proof satisfactory to the board that, during the calendar year preceding application for active licensure, the pharmacist has participated in not less than 15 hours of approved courses of continuing professional pharmaceutical education as defined in section 13735. The board may make exceptions to the continuing education requirement of this section in emergency or hardship cases.

If any person fails or neglects to procure the annual inactive renewal license, after the expiration of 30 days that person’s original license expires. That person, in order to regain licensure, is required to pay one renewal fee as set under section 13724 in addition to the sum of all fees that person may be in arrears.

§13735. Continuing pharmacy education

An annual renewal license may not be issued by the board until the applicant certifies to the board that, during the calendar year preceding an application for renewal, the applicant has participated in not less than 15 hours of approved courses of continuing professional pharmaceutical education as set out in this section. For a pharmacist authorized to administer drugs and immunizations, of the 15 hours to be completed, at least 2 hours must be in board-approved courses on drug administration as described in section 13702-A, subsection 28. A pharmacist who enters into a collaborative practice agreement must agree to complete, in each year of the agreement, 5 of the 15 hours required in this section in the areas of practice covered by the agreement. The continuing professional pharmaceutical educational courses consist of postgraduate studies, institutes, seminars, workshops, lectures, conferences, extension studies, correspondence courses or such other forms of continuing professional pharmaceutical education as may be approved by the board.

These courses consist of subject matter pertinent to the following general areas of professional pharmaceutical education: the socioeconomic and legal aspects of health care; the properties and actions of drugs and dosage forms; and the ideology, characteristics and therapeutics of the disease state. The specific subject matter of the courses may include, but is not limited to, pharmacology, biochemistry, physiology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacy administration, drug administration as it relates to the area of permitted practice, pharmacy jurisprudence, public health and communicable diseases, pharmaceutical marketing, professional practice management, anatomy, histology and such other subject matter as represented in curricula of accredited colleges of pharmacy. The content of each course offered for credit under this continuing professional educational program must be approved in advance of the course by the board or its representative. The board may make exceptions to this section in emergency or hardship cases.

Each application for approval of a continuing education program or course must be submitted according to the guidelines prescribed by rule by the board, together with a fee as set under section 13724.

The laws provided are from the latest version of Title 32: PROFESSIONS AND OCCUPATIONS as of January 26, 2023. Please refer to the Maine Statutes for the most updated version.

The Maine State Board of Pharmacy does allow for licensure by reciprocity/endorsement. See here for application instructions.

Pharmacists in Maine must complete fifteen hours of continuing education each year to qualify for license renewal. Two of these hours must be on the topic of drug administration.

You can apply for a pharmacist license in Maine by examination (NAPLEX), score transfer, or reciprocity/endorsement. See here for full licensing instructions.

Finding engaging, affordable, and approved online CE is important for pharmacists in Maine, but it can be difficult to find free courses that meet your professional needs. If you are looking for free online live CE that covers important topics including medication errors and controlled substances, you can unlock unlimited access to freeCE’s live calendar with a Gold Membership. For one low price, you can access all the CE you need to renew your license in one place and save valuable time and energy finding multiple options that fit your schedule and professional needs.

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Pharmacists in Maine have the option to complete their CE requirements in either live or on-demand formats. While many pharmacists enjoy the convenience of on-demand education, some prefer the interactive nature of live CE. If you find yourself wishing you could ask your instructor to explain a concept after their presentation or wishing you did not have to complete a post-test after each activity, you may find live CE is right for you.

Live CE is available in two formats, through in-person attendance at a meeting or seminar or through online webinars. If you struggle to fit in-person live CE into your busy schedule, live webinars may be an excellent option for you. Webinars come in different lengths and formats and cover a variety of topics, allowing you to choose the activity that’s right for you.

Pharmacists in Maine are required to earn 15 hours of CE credit annually. To help you find the CE you need to renew your license, freeCE has a wide variety of activities. We add new content to our catalog on a regular basis so you can not only meet your requirements each cycle, but you can choose the activities which interest you most. freeCE doesn’t just offer adequate training—we provide training that is both educational and interesting. These activities are available in both live and on-demand formats and cover important topics from diverse perspectives.

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Maine CE Requirements For Pharmacy Technicians

The Maine Board of Pharmacy does not require CE for pharmacy technicians.

However, certified pharmacy technicians must complete the requirements associated with their certifying body. If you are a CPhT, please refer to your certifying body (either the PTCB or the NHA) for continuing education requirements.

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