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Tennessee Board of Pharmacy | CE Requirements | Live Cert

Last Updated: December 14, 2023


30 Hours

  • 15 Live
  • 15 General

45 Hours

  • 23 Hours Live
  • 19 Hours General
  • 3 Hours Medication Errors
  • No carry-over credit is allowed

45 Hours

  • 23 Hours Live
  • 19 Hours General
  • 3 Hours Medication Errors
  • No carry-over credit is allowed

45 Hours

  • 23 Hours Live
  • 19 Hours General
  • 3 Hours Medication Errors
  • No carry-over credit is allowed

Tennessee Board of Pharmacy

Tennessee CE Requirements For Pharmacists

All Tennessee Board of Pharmacy licenses have a 2-year renewal cycle that starts the month of initial licensure. This applies to all license types issued by the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy.

The Tennessee Pharmacist Renewal Application can be found here:

Biennial Continuing Education Requirements

The Tennessee Board of Pharmacy requires 30 hours of CE credit during the proceeding two-year period of the license renewal. One-half (15 hours) of these hours must be live programs.

We cannot guarantee this is the most up-to-date version of these rules. Please refer to the Tennessee Administrative Code for the most accurate information.




(1) Every person licensed as a pharmacist shall complete at least thirty (30) hours of continuing pharmaceutical education during each two (2) year license cycle.  The required thirty (30) hours shall consist of at least fifteen (15) hours obtained through live contract programs.  In order to fulfill the fifteen (15) live contact hour requirement, a pharmacist shall obtain the hours from a program designated as live by the ACPE-approved provider, from a program that is approved by the Board prior to the expiration of the pharmacist’s license or from an out-of-state program that is approved by the board of pharmacy in the state where the program was presented.  (2) Notwithstanding paragraph one (1) of this rule, no pharmacist shall be required to complete any continuing pharmaceutical education during a two (2) year license cycle if that pharmacist presents proof that during all or part of the license cycle the pharmacist was enrolled in a recognized academic program pursuing a pharmacy degree, a doctor of medicine degree, a doctor of osteopathic medicine degree, a doctor of dental surgery degree, or an advanced or graduate degree in a health-related science; or participating in a pharmacy residency or fellowship program; or engaged in a course of study leading to certification as a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant.  (3) The board may waive the requirements of this rule upon a showing of emergency, illness, or other good cause.


1140-05-.02  REPORTING SYSTEM.


(1) Each pharmacist shall submit to the board with the license renewal form, and on a form provided by the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy, a sworn statement indicating that the pharmacist has completed the required number of continuing pharmaceutical education hours.  (2) The board shall not renew the license of any pharmacist until the applicant has submitted the required sworn statement indicating that the pharmacist has completed the required number of continuing pharmaceutical education contact hours during the previous license cycle.  (3) The licensee shall produce proof of the completion of the required number of continuing pharmaceutical education hours upon the request of the board or its designee.  (4) Falsification of the continuing pharmaceutical education sworn statement may result in the probation, suspension or revocation of the pharmacist’s license and/or the imposition of a civil penalty not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) with the imposition of a requirement for additional continuing education if appropriate.  (5) Upon request, the Board may waive selected portions of these requirements so long as any waiver granted is consistent with the Board’s authority under Tenn. Code Ann. Title 63, Chapters 1 and 10, and Tenn. Code Ann. Title 4, Chapter 5.




The board will recognize any continuing pharmaceutical education hours obtained from an ACPE-approved provider.




Any pharmacist who alters, forges, or falsifies, or causes to be altered, forged, or falsified any information, documents, or records required to be kept or submitted by this Chapter shall be subject to disciplinary action by the Board under T.C.A. § 63-10-305(6).

In Tennessee, pharmacists are required to complete a total of 30 Continuing Education (CE) hours for a biennial renewal. Out of these 30 hours, at least 15 of those hours must be live hours.

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Tennessee CE Requirements For Pharmacy Technicians

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