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Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy |
CE Requirements

Last Updated: December 29, 2023

45 Hours

  • 23 Hours Live
  • 19 Hours General
  • 3 Hours Medication Errors
  • No carry-over credit is allowed

License Deadline: Last day of birth month every year

15 Hours

  • 15 General

45 Hours

  • 23 Hours Live
  • 19 Hours General
  • 3 Hours Medication Errors
  • No carry-over credit is allowed

45 Hours

  • 23 Hours Live
  • 19 Hours General
  • 3 Hours Medication Errors
  • No carry-over credit is allowed

45 Hours

  • 23 Hours Live
  • 19 Hours General
  • 3 Hours Medication Errors
  • No carry-over credit is allowed

Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy

Oklahoma CE Requirements For Pharmacists

Oklahoma-licensed pharmacists must renew their licenses annually to maintain the right to practice. Renewal applications can be submitted from the first day of the month preceding the licensee’s expiration date. The expiration date aligns with the last day of the licensee’s birth month. The renewal process, including the issuance of the renewal card, can be conveniently completed online through OSBP License Renewal, with a renewal fee of $100. 

Annual Continuing Education Requirements

The Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy requires 15 continuing education (CE) hours to be completed every year prior to the individual’s renewal deadline. These education hours may be completed in a live or home study setting, however, proof of completion must be submitted to the Board.

Total Hours


General Hours 


Section 535:10-3-4: Uniform pharmacy continuing education

  1. Certification. At the time of annual renewal of registration each pharmacist must certify that he has obtained at least 15 clock hours of continuing education credits through satisfactory completion of an accredited program during the previous calendar year (January 1 -December 31).
  2. Verification forms. Verification forms of attendance and/or completion of continuing education programs shall be obtained and maintained by the pharmacist.
  3. Records. Proof of continuing education will be maintained by the individual pharmacist 
  4. Post-Graduate school /Residency. Pharmacists in post graduate school / residency will be allowed credit for the required fifteen (15) hours of continuing education.
  5. Military personnel. Military personnel will not be exempt from the continuing education requirement because of the availability of correspondence courses, etc.
  6. Job credit. No credit for continuing education will be granted for anything directly connected with the responsibilities and duties of a pharmacist, e. g., no credit will be given for Continuing Education (CE) while on duty.
  7. Journals. No credit will be allowed for reading, subscribing to or writing articles for various professional and trade journals.
  8. Meetings. Requests for approval of credit for individual meetings will be submitted to the Committee on Continuing Education by the individual pharmacist for review and decision.
  9. Prior approval. Prior approval of programs of continuing education shall be obtained by the program sponsor. Each program must be submitted in its entirety, including all materials, in order to be evaluated by the Continuing Education Committee. Continuing education programs sponsored by various drug companies may be acceptable, if the programs are continuing education oriented and not promotional or product oriented.
  10. Approved programs notice. Programs approved for credit by the Continuing Education Committee and the Board will be published on the Board’s webpage as these programs are approved.
  11. Colleges of pharmacy. The two State colleges of pharmacy may review the various continuing education programs and make recommendations to the Continuing Education Committee.
  12. Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). The Board Continuing Education Committee accepts all ACPE approved continuing education programs (CE) for CE credit. Do not re-submit ACPE CE.
  13. Continuing Education Committee. The Continuing Education Committee will consist of up to six (6) pharmacist members appointed by the Board for a three (3) year minimum term. The committee will meet quarterly or as needed.
  14. Live Continuing education recommended. Pharmacists are encouraged to attain three (3) hours or more of live continuing education (CE) each year as part of the fifteen (15) hours required. Live CE is attained in the presence of other pharmacists with a presenter and the possibility of interaction with a peer group. Webinars are considered live CE if the pharmacist can ask questions and get answers from the presenter(s) or the moderator during the webinar.
  15. Specific Continuing Education requirement. The Board may, at its discretion, require up to three (3) hours of continuing education on a specific topic. Adequate notice shall be provided to registrants of any specific continuing education when required by the Board.


We cannot guarantee this is the most up-to-date version of this code section. Please refer to the Oklahoma Code for the most accurate information.

The Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy does allow for licensure by reciprocity for pharmacists if licensed in another state/territory. The applicant must: 

  • Complete and submit the NABP Application for Licensure Transfer
    • Once approved, the NABP will provide the application to the Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy
  • Visit and navigate to “Online Services” in order to submit a $200 licensure fee
  • Apply for eligibility to take the Oklahoma MPJE via the NABP website and submit a $100 fee
  • Once access is granted for registration, purchase the exam and schedule a test date appointment
  • Interview with the Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy (in-person only)

The Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy requires a minimum of 15 continuing education hours every year. The CE requirement must be fulfilled before the individual’s renewal date deadline, which corresponds to the last day of their birth month.

A pharmacist license may be obtained through examination or reciprocity. To obtain licensure via examination, the applicant must:

  • Register for the NAPLEX and MPJE with NAPB
  • Complete and submit the Oklahoma Application for Doctor of Pharmacy Certificate to the Board with all required forms and supplemental information
  • Provide a transcript from an accredited college of pharmacy, proof of completion of at least 1500 internship hours of pharmacy practice, and verification of lawful presence in the US
  • Apply for eligibility to take the NAPLEX and Oklahoma MPJE via the NABP website and submit a $100 fee
  • Once access is granted for registration, purchase the exams and schedule the test dates 

For additional information regarding licensure steps and requirements, please see the Board’s website here.

Oklahoma does not mandate live CE hours as a requirement for pharmacist license renewal, but seeking them out can be incredibly advantageous. Participating in live online CE sessions allows you to engage in interactive discussions and promptly obtain clarifications.

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Oklahoma CE Requirements For Pharmacy Technicians

Oklahoma-licensed pharmacy technicians must renew their licenses annually to maintain the right to practice. Individuals must initiate the renewal process before the final day of their birth month, which also functions as the expiration date. The renewal fee is $40, and the entire process, including printing the renewal card, can be conveniently done online through OSBP License Renewal.
The Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy does not require registered technicians to complete continuing education hours for the renewal of licensure. If the technician is nationally certified, refer to the appropriate licensing body such as PTCB for more information on their respective requirements.

To become a registered pharmacy technician, the applicant must: 

  • Complete and submit the New Pharmacy Technician Application with the required supplemental documents
  • Pay the $40 application fee online at and submit the receipt as proof along with the application
  • Additionally, provide the required Citizenship Affidavit and a copy of a driver’s license, state ID or work authorization card
  • Complete the Oklahoma Pharmacy Technician Examination under the supervision of a pharmacist
    • This document should be kept on file in the pharmacy. Refrain from submitting it to the Board.

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